Eff Creative Group Expands, Revamps Website with 3D Effects

by | Jul 2, 2018

Eff Creative Group, an award-winning Inc. 500 company that designs, develops and markets groundbreaking digital and consumer products has announced today the further expansion of its operations into the Asian market by unveiling a new regional headquarters in Singapore. The new Singapore regional office marks an expansion of Eff Creative Group’s involvement in Asia from a previous sourcing operations located in Hong Kong to a full-service regional operation serving the entire Asian market.

Headquartered in the heart of Times Square, New York, Eff Creative Group was launched in 2013 by co-founders Doron J. Fetman and Toby Hassan Fishman. In tandem with their Singapore launch, the company announced a ground-breaking new website utilizing dynamic three-dimensional effects ushering in a showcase of the agency’s powerful creative engineering.

The expansion to Singapore, the global business hub of Asia, is a natural next step for the company. The region, which is booming with technology and innovation, has a strong demand for creative and design-centric services. With their award-winning, globally recognized services, Eff Creative Group’s new footprint in the market will help strengthen the region’s creative offering. The company’s new office is headquartered in the prestigious Capital Tower located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District, alongside prestigious tenants including JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. and CapitaLand Group.

With its entrance into Singapore, Eff Creative Group members were invited to judge the distinguished Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards across several categories earlier this month. Judges from the firm included Fetman, CEO, Fishman, Chief Creative Officer, and Mansi Sharma, newly appointment Director of Eff Creative PTE. Ltd., Singapore. Mansi’s internationally diverse roots and network span across South, East, and Southeast Asia enable her to serve as a strong regional affiliate leading Eff Creative Group’s Singapore operations. Eff Creative Group’s CEO has also been invited to serve as Creative & Marketing chair for the upcoming International Business Awards® in London, England.

“Having worked in Eff Creative Group for two years I can safely say that the future of creativity, business and technology is being shaped with every project here,” says Mansi Sharma, Director. “As a native Indian-Indonesian I am eager to help spread Eff’s magic across the Pacific and Singapore is an obvious choice; a city demonstrating unparalleled growth with its rapid evolution from a post colonial island into an unbeatable first world superpower setting an example for the rest of the world to model. As a world class metropolis, Singapore is the perfect host for Eff’s futuristic endeavors in all of its verticals because it welcomes innovation and investment from all over the globe and acts as a fertile test bed for the finest products and services.”

“Since inception, Eff has worked with clients across the world, but we opted for our sister office to be in Singapore aptly named, “The City of the Future,” because we see a real need for our creative services in the region,” said Fetman. “Our company is unique as we don’t offer a short list of services limited to a specific category, but rather specialize in a series of all-encompassing services that every business needs to be successful. Our expertise lies in creatively launching products in their respective territories and then strategically bringing them to the US market. Our goal is to partner with businesses to help them thrive in the global marketplace.”

The New York Executive team will be in Singapore for the official launch in early August.

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