engage:BDR Enters Into New Agreements with Two of Asia’s Largest Programmatic Advertising Companies

by | May 25, 2018

engage:BDR announced that it has signed agreements with two of Asia’s largest programmatic advertising companies to integrate them into the engage:BDR programmatic platform. The first of the two companies is Chinese based Yeahmobi and the second has requested that its identity remain confidential for commercial reasons. The projected 2018 calendar year revenue for these two contracts is AUD $4 million to AUD $8 million.

Yeahmobi is an advertising platform designed to help mobile technology companies achieve global growth, acquire active users and better monetise their inventory. The company is headquartered in China and also has offices in Japan, the USA and Germany.

Yeahmobi focuses on technology, data and innovation and has assisted the internationalisation of a number of Chinese enterprises through marketing technological solutions and financial services directed towards building a global business ecosystem with their international partners.

Yeahmobi operates in the field of consumer apps, mobile games, cross-border e- commerce, internet finance, lifestyle, travel and other industries, covering over 200 countries and regions and delivering global coverage at significant scale.

Yeahmobi reported USD $97 million in revenue and a profit of USD $11 million in the first half year results of 2016 as financial disclosure for a capital raising it was conducting. As a private company, it does not generally disclose its financial results.

Yeahmobi CEO and co-founder, Mr Xiaowu Zou was recently included in 2017 “Forbes 30 under 30 in Asia”, the annual ranking of Asia’s brightest young entrepreneurs, innovators and game changers.

Yeahmobi has client and partner agreements with a number of well-known international brands including Sega, Yahoo, Baidu and Gameloft.

The second company is one of India’s largest mobile-first digital advertisers. Although headquartered in India the company has about 20 offices around the world with over 1,000 employees and is a true global digital advertiser. The company is a private company and accordingly doesn’t generally disclose its financial results. However, recent media reports on the company have suggested that the company has current revenues of over USD $300 million and reaches over 1.6 billion unique mobile devices worldwide.

The company is investing heavily in the acquisition of App publishers through openRTB as well as the development of a proprietary in-app header bidding solution.

This focus is mainly attributed to the huge growth the “App economy” has seen in recent years, which is expected to grow to USD $950 billion in 2018.

The company has previously reported that its customers include; Adidas, BBC Radio, Canon, Lancôme, Macy’s, Microsoft, Nokia and Yamaha.

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Ted Dhanik said in relation to the new contracts: “We are very excited to be working with two of Asia’s largest programmatic advertising platforms representing advertisers who can now connect with the publishers on engage:BDR’s programmatic platform. engage:BDR believes they will make a significant contribution to the revenues and earnings of the business very soon, and for the years ahead.”

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