Flackable Launches Client Portal Delivering Real-Time, On Demand Campaign Reporting

by | Jan 16, 2020

Flackable, a national, full-service public relations agency headquartered in Philadelphia, today announces the launch of its All-Access Client Portal. The portal, available exclusively to Flackable clients, delivers unprecedented campaign access and transparency through real-time, on demand campaign metrics and status reporting.

This new reporting platform is designed to empower Flackable’s clients with unrivaled campaign clarity while elevating overall agency accountability.

“Traditional public relations firms are notoriously opaque,” said Brian Hart, founder and president of Flackable. “It’s one of the biggest complaints I hear when I talk to prospective clients who have previously worked with traditional public relations firms and consultants. I believe public relations clients deserve transparency in exchange for the trust and resources they invest in an agency; that’s the standard we’ve set with this announcement.”

Flackable began beta testing the All-Access Client Portal last August among the agency’s existing clients. With this announcement, Flackable invites qualified financial and professional services firms in the United States to schedule a free 20-minute demo of the platform.

“I’ve worked with multiple public relations agencies throughout my career, but Flackable stands out in showing true imagination and innovation in campaign reporting,” said Joan Boykin, senior marketing consultant at Atlas Real Estate and REACTIV, both headquartered in Denver, Colorado. “With the volume of coverage and activity they drive for us, the portal has become an essential tool in keeping our marketing and leadership teams seamlessly apprised.”

Based in Philadelphia, Flackable represents financial and professional services firms across the United States. Hart expects the All-Access Client Portal to draw interest from businesses new to working with a public relations agency as well as those in search of better transparency, accountability, results and overall experience from an agency relationship.

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