FleishmanHillard Unveils TRUE Global Intelligence

by | Jul 9, 2018

FleishmanHillard announced the evolution of its global research, analytics and measurement practice with the launch of TRUE Global Intelligence, bringing together a portfolio of intelligence offerings into a single, collaborative and continuous effort that powers faster, more informed decision making and communications strategies.

As part of this initiative, Natasha Kennedy has been named global managing director of TRUE Global Intelligence. Kennedy joined FleishmanHillard in 2017, and this step is a natural evolution of her role. She’ll work in partnership with Mike Cearley, global managing director of social & innovation, and other specialists to deliver integrated intelligence that is informed by data gathered from social and traditional media, public polling and proprietary market research to provide clients with “always on” intelligence needed in today’s instant-response environment.

“The irony of a connected world is that it has created a chaotic business environment where disruption has become an instant and everyday reality,” said Janise Murphy, chief practice officer for FleishmanHillard. “TRUE Global Intelligence not only puts the power of data-driven insights at the center of everything we do, it does so in a constant, real-time way, enabling clients to act with greater agility and certainty. Natasha’s strength as a strategist with deep experience in management consulting, innovation and data analytics gives her the perspective to help bring it all together for clients.”

To enable and accelerate continuous innovation around its growing suite of intelligence offerings, FleishmanHillard also announced the formation of the Global Intelligence Council, including insights, analytics, social, and technology experts across the network to deliver integrated best practices and thinking.

Through this collaboration, intelligence is brought together from diverse sources to deliver insights when and how they are needed. This holistic and dynamic approach ensures clients get fresh intelligence as it happens, making it more actionable and impactful. It provides true “situational awareness,” with the data and guidance needed for clients to act more quickly and confidently, whether to enhance their position or to protect it.

TRUE Global Intelligence includes a data analytics “Intelligence Engine” platform providing streaming insights into the hearts, minds and behaviors of client and industry stakeholders. The offering, sold by subscription and tailored to client needs, is a cross-practice collaboration between FleishmanHillard research, analytics and social teams.

“Our world is increasingly data rich, but insights poor,” said Kennedy. “Providing timely access to high-quality, actionable intelligence is a competitive differentiator for our clients, and with people interconnected as never before, intelligence-driven communications are fundamental to business success.”

TRUE Global Intelligence provides clients with the real-time 360-degree intelligence needed in today’s instant-response environment. Its multidisciplinary approach to research brings together a portfolio of intelligence offerings into a single, collaborative and continuous effort, tapping best practices and talent across the FleishmanHillard global network of offices and specialty brands. TRUE Global Intelligence emphasizes asking the right questions, rather than simply gathering immense amounts of answers. Through traditional and social data analytics, public polling, proprietary market research, and powerful and precise constituent mapping and engagement, it not only achieves understanding, but inspires and informs action.

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