Forrester Research names JMRConnect a top public relations agency

by | Jun 29, 2020

JMRConnect announced that Forrester Research named the Maryland-based, global public relations and influencer communications firm among the world’s top agencies for technology channel partner programs and vendors.

According to Forrester, COVID-19 has changed the marketing and advertising calculus for every vendor; the value of finding a strong channel-focused PR person (or firm) is more important than ever. Having someone jump into this walled garden without a nuanced knowledge of partner influence and visibility is bound to fail and not deliver ROI.

“Public relations and marketing help channel programs succeed when they communicate the business benefits and value of solutions that address relatable problems, not promote products,” said Mostafa Razzak, CEO, JMRConnect. “Consistent messaging across all media and channels is paramount.”

For businesses in competitive markets that need visibility in media, online, in the news and on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, JMRConnect is a public relations, digital marketing and influencer communications agency that consistently connects brands with their target audiences.

What distinguishes JMRConnect from other agencies is its understanding that for PR and marketingto be effective, messages must not only reach your target audience, but also resonate across multiple channels to impact opinions, build brand trust and solidify reputations.

“We hear from partners as well as media executives that short-form, or ‘snackable,’ content is growing, as social media has become the No. 1 source for eyeballs,” said Jay McBain, principal analyst, channels, partnerships and alliances, Forrester Research. “This has replaced development of long-form, in-depth narratives. Either way, it is about storytelling directly to a partner audience comprised of very busy, small businesses. Channel leaders need to develop compelling and persuasive narratives that fit into these new content formats.”

CEI, which is short for connect-engage-influence, is JMRConnect’s customizable brand ambassador platform that makes it quick and easy for employees and other stakeholders to share content across their social networks in just one click. A few clicks take case studies, blogs, whitepapers, webcasts and media coverage viral, extending earned media value the reach of approved brand messages across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

For employee advocacy programs, CEI empowers your most influential constituency with single-click advocacy that connects your brand to an exponentially wider audience. In addition, CEI posts appear as first-person recommendations, not promoted content, reinforcing credibility and brand integrity. Content shared through CEI builds brand trust, as people are more likely to take action based on a recommendation from a trusted source as opposed to promoted content.

JMRConnect CEI won the InSabre Award for “Best Marketing Technology” in 2017.

“To be recognized by Forrester Research, a tenured and highly respected industry analyst firm, as one of the world’s best PR agencies is truly humbling,” said Razzak. “This honor is especially gratifying as it reflects the opinions of media, consultants and technology leaders, validating our work and credibility.”

JMRConnect brings decades of experience and an exceptional track record of strategic, tactical execution. The breadth and depth of JMRConnect’s worldwide network delivers quantifiable results that impact a client’s bottom line. Consistent media coverage in tier-1 business, trade and vertical media, high-profile speaking engagements, analyst relations and social media influencer engagement drive revenue growth and increased market penetration.

“For our clients, the close, personal relationships we maintain with analysts, media, conference organizers, associations, NGOs, and other influencers across the globe adds tremendous value and quantifiable benefits,” added Razzak.

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