FPRA Southwest Florida Chapter to host “Non-Profit Day: The Art of Distanced Storytelling”

by | Oct 28, 2020

The Southwest Florida Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association invites public relations professionals, development directors and employees of non-profit organizations to participate in “Non-Profit Day: The Art of Distanced Storytelling” on Thursday, November 12.

This virtual event is an opportunity for Southwest Florida’s philanthropic organizations—and those interested in learning more about SWFL’s charity landscape—to gather and learn from local industry experts on topics to enhance their community reach and impact.

During this Zoom program, four local experts will offer their insights into storytelling, one of the most effective ways to communicate. During this unprecedented time, the art of storytelling is crucial, reaching and engaging your audiences when we can no longer physically be with them. Studies have shown that effective storytelling will actually affect a listener or reader’s brain – it activates more areas of the brain than purely factual content. Also, as an audience listens to or reads a story, they will put themselves in the protagonist’s shoes, and areas of the brain will light up as if they are experiencing the story themselves.

In other words, storytelling is important to public relations strategies because it allows companies to better connect with their audience and ultimately stimulate the audience’s feelings, ideas, and attitudes to align with their marketing goals.

The speakers for this annual event are:

  • Robert Grabel– National nonprofit consultant and Owner of Nonprofit Now;
  • Kinfay Moroti– award-winning photojournalist and Owner of Hopeful Images;
  • Lisa Murray, APR, CPRC– Senior Manager, Corporate Communications at Interop Technologies and award-winning PR expert;
  • David Cintron– Lead Multimedia Producer for M&M Multimedia

Non-Profit Day will take place from 8:30 – 11:15 a.m. Cost to register for this Zoom event is $25 per person, $15 for students.

Register for the event here.

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