G&S Business Communications announces “A New G&S,” introducing purpose, market focus and refreshed services

by | May 22, 2020

G&S, a global business communications agency with offices in New York, Chicago, Raleigh and Basel / Zurich, is unveiling a new brand identity. For the first time in its almost 50-year history, the agency is aligning under a bold purpose: to help innovative companies change the world. As part of the brand transformation, G&S also narrowed its market focus, refreshed its services and overhauled its full brand image, including its website, www.gscommunications.com.

Chief Growth Officer Steve Halsey, who led the refresh, recognized a need to place a greater emphasis on the five core markets in which the agency has the deepest expertise: Advanced Manufacturing & Energy, Agribusiness, Home & Building, Financial & Professional Services and Healthcare & Wellness. He also worked closely with the agency’s ownership group and its senior leaders to reposition the agency’s services to better amplify its digital-first strategy, with new offerings such as Demand Generation.

“We began this journey to address the disruption in the communications industry, well before COVID-19. The pandemic has merely amplified this disruption,” said Halsey. “This representation of the new G&S brand meets those demands and more accurately portrays who we are as an agency. We have the right team, expertise, integration and intellectual property to help our clients change the world.”

The creative execution was the next step to accompany the new purpose and offerings. Vice President of Creative and Brand Experience Chris Martin, envisioned bold colors and active imagery, reflecting the agency’s best assets: its people and its clients. Leveraging all of its own designers, G&S sent one of its photographers to all its U.S. offices to capture staff for an authentic glimpse at the day-to-day work. The team also selected an array of visual assets to better reflect its core industry sectors.

“This new creative only amplifies what we’ve always done well at G&S. We’re not passive, never satisfied with the status quo, and we inspire action,” Chris Martin. “We’ve added more color, and broadened our image bank, to show something pretty daring but pretty simple; that we are a collaborative group of people who are ingrained in the work our clients do, and we’re excited to tell their stories. That fascination and passion is now shown through our new image.”

To accompany the brand launch, G&S ignited a campaign, We are G&S, to celebrate the diversity of people and skills across the agency. “We are more than a public relations firm, digital agency or creative shop,” said Katy Hendricks, Vice President of Growth and Corporate Communications. “We are a team of researchers, media strategists, storytellers and engagement experts that meet our clients at the intersection of business and communications. These are the people doing the work, every single day. They deserve immense gratitude and recognition.”

While much of G&S’s brand expression has changed, its mission has remained the same: to inspire people to take action, resulting in business growth for our clients.

“With the uncertainty of the global markets and the constancy of change in this new reality, I feel a renewed confidence in our agency’s ability to weather challenging times. In times like these, neither innovation nor inspiration has been more needed – or more important,” said President and CEO, Luke Lambert. “I’ve been privileged to see how our entire agency continues to evolve its thinking, offerings and services and move forward with confidence, determination and optimism. I am proud to say that ‘We are G&S.’”

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