Hill+Knowlton launches Habits+: behavioral science to start, sustain and stop habits post-COVID

by | Jul 24, 2020

Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K), one of the world’s leading public relations firms, has launched Habits+ out of the agency’s London office, an evidence-based approach to starting, sustaining and stopping consumer and employee habits post-COVID, using behavioral science.

Habits+ enables H+K clients to better understand how their employees and customers can create good habits, sustain those habits over the long term, and stop unwanted and potentially un-healthy habits.

“As some of us continue our recovery from COVID-19, while others prepare for a second wave, behavior challenges evolve and both consumers and employees need to change their existing habits,” said Dan Berry, Head of H+K London’s Behavioral Science team.

“People will have to start new behaviors, sustain recent changes and stop previous behaviors, such as working from home and new ways of making purchases. To give our clients the greatest chance of success, Habits+ applies the latest evidence, data and insights from psychology and related behavioral sciences.”

H+K’s behavioral science team will use Habits+ to draw on evidence from previous crises, such as the SARS epidemic and the response to Hurricane Katrina, as well as a wider body of scientific evidence from health, sustainability and employee change programs. It identifies eight ways to change habits, many of which are commonly overlooked, and which are practical to apply into employee or consumer campaigns and initiatives.

Habits+ is part of I-ACT, the broader support H+K is bringing to clients as they prepare to operation in post-COVID-19 economy. Read more about the I-ACT offering here.

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