Joseph Jaffe and Lynn Power Launch The HMS Beagle to Help Marketers Navigate the Journey to Survival

by | Oct 5, 2018

Joseph Jaffe, author and marketing entrepreneur and Lynn Power, agency veteran and former CEO of JWT NY announced the debut of their new brand consultancy, The HMS Beagle. The firm will help clients stay ahead of today’s dynamic, disruptive and unpredictable marketplace.

Named after the ship that carried Charles Darwin around the world as he formed his theory of evolution, The HMS Beagle has been prototyping its offering with clients across a diverse range of industries and sizes, with a focus on helping clients both big and small navigate the journey to survival.

“Survival today isn’t a given for brands, in fact, it is quickly become the exception,” said Power. ”it takes more than a new creative campaign or adoption of a cool new technology to get you there – it requires a bold mix of capability building and talent design.”

“Whether an early stage startup or a legacy brand, both have the same thing in common – survival” added Jaffe. “The fast track to survival is the ability to adapt to change.”

In action since April of 2018, The HMS Beagle has developed a proprietary approach called “Survival Planning”, which draws on three high value capabilities and goal-delivering methodologies known as the Survival Stack:

Brand Modernization – is your vessel seaworthy?

The way brands have been built in the past will look very different to how they will need to build moving forward. Brand modernization employs modern and proprietary marketing frameworks including PBEC, Flip the Funnel and Z.E.R.O.

  • Talent Design – is she equipped with a top notch crew?
Talent erosion has become a major issue for brands and agencies. Inclusivity, leadership training and millennial empowerment are mixed together with harnessing the “intrapreneurial” beast within.
  • Business Transformation are you ready to set sail?
Exploration of new business models, revenue streams, disruptive partnerships and “heresy scenarios” create a clear course ahead and complete the solution set.

Joseph Jaffe is the author of four books including Life after the 30-second spot and Flip the Funnel. His new book, “Built to Suck: The Inevitable Demise of the Corporation…and how to save it?” is due out in early 2019. Lynn Power is former CEO of JWT New York and President of Arnold New York.

The original Beagle set sail 200 years ago. The new Beagle is no longer tethered to the dry dock.

To date, the HMS Beagle is already working with several clients, including Currnt, a knowledge creation platform that connects anyone seeking knowledge with subject matter experts and thought leaders. Tom O’Malley, Currnt’s CEO is fully on board. “Lynn and Joe have taken us on an incredible voyage. When we hired them, our name was Convet.it and we were essentially a virtual advisory board replacing focus groups. They helped us do a full rebrand and go to market rethink that positions us as the “fresh knowledge movement” and with it, we’ve opened up an exponential set of additional use cases, markets and possibilities.”

Hudson Cutler is working with The HMS Beagle on the development and launch of a haircare brand. “Jaffe, Power and team are highly collaborative, smart and \ they have provided a strategic framework for a compelling launch,” said Robert Dowling, CEO of Hudson Cutler. “We are excited about the HMS Beagle approach and methodology, and look forward to partnering on many other brands in the future.”

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