Karyzma Agency Announces New Website, Staff Members and More

by | Mar 29, 2019

Public relations is one of the most stressful and dramatic careers on the planet, and a lifestyle filled with constant last minute crisis. Officially launched in 2012, Karyzma Agency is turning 7 years old but 2019 is about to be a big year for the firm and also for the owner Karine Delage.

“We are launching our new website to kick off spring season and we are celebrating my 25th anniversary in the industry. We are also looking to expand by adding a new member to our team and are looking to branch out into Europe. It’s an amazing feeling and we look forward to continued growth,” she said.

New Website & new staff:

We are happy to finally unveil the new & improved website. We needed to play around with our theme colors and rebrand our social media at the same time to stay true to our colors. We are happy to announce that former Jump FM host Jenna Mosher will be joining the team effective immediately and Celine Nicolas will be interning for us.

Workout Playlist on Spotify and Apple Music:

All of our clients follow a healthy living lifestyle and to honor this, we are also launching a Spotify and Apple Music playlist. The first 3 playlists will feature:

  • March 25th: HBO- Ballers London Brown
  • April 1st: Nikki Wives
  • April 15th: Karl Wolf

Celebrating 25 years in the industry:

The Canadian PR queen is working on a major event in Toronto in August, to celebrate her 25th anniversary in the industry. “We are looking at throwing an event in Los Angeles and New York for Canada Day. So, stay tuned for more information,” she hinted.

Newest clients addition:

2018 was an impactful year for us with the addition of HBO-Ballers London Brown, Broderick Hunter and so many amazing clients. We started 2019 on a strong note with the inclusion of Evive Smoothie, House of Hayla (Canadian shoe phenomenon) and Chuck Collins (designer). We will be making tons of announcements in the coming weeks.

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