KlickX Announces New Brand Identity, Team Resources, and AI-Empowered Client Offerings

by | Jul 24, 2019

Following a successful first decade of experience, Klick Communications has relaunched as Klick X, featuring a new integrated marketing agency model, team structure, and brand identity to address the evolving demands of clients and the desire for greater flexibility and development of its employees.

Kim McKay, founder and director of Kilck X, said “We have built a successful agency brand in Australia and the U.S. with a strong reputation around culture, innovation, and expertise in the travel and lifestyle industries. As the dynamics of our business have changed, we believe the agency of tomorrow will require alternative ways of connecting brands with consumers, and clients with agencies.”

McKay added, “We identified the shift in consumer, brand, and employee behavior as an opportunity to take a thorough look at how we operate in the best interest of our clients and team. The new Klick X model is designed to embrace the future of work and position us as more than an implementation only, geographic-centric agency.”

The X in the new agency name highlights 10 years of business, but also the numerous variables that exist in any situation that can significantly impact final outcomes. To ensure the agency and its clients are on top of trends which could potentially affect business, Klick X will implement a powerful AI cloud-based tool that delivers cutting-edge emerging consumer trends and insights to inform marketing strategy.

The X also highlights the partnership needed to continually evolve the agency model to reflect the changing business and consumer landscape. An example of this will be KlickXperts, a new network of industry experts from over the globe, including marketing specialist Cameron Crowley, brand and business consultant Claire Hobson, and former global head of social and content at Tourism Australia and consultant Jesse Desjardins, amongst others. The KlickXperts team will work aside founder Kim McKay, Head of Creative + Strategy Lauren Bobb-Brown, and EVP Melendy Britt in defining innovative business strategies for clients.

In addition, the X represents a new era of flexibility for the team. Over the past six months, Klick X Sydney, Los Angeles, and Honolulu staff have successfully trialed out a new structure where they have the flexibility to service clients from wherever they choose to work, which includes being based at client locations around the world.

Melendy Britt, Executive Vice President at Klick X and who works and lives in both Los Angeles and New York City, noted “In an age where technology can bring us closer together than ever before, recruiting and retaining the best people shouldn’t be determined on where a person lives. Not only is this good for employees, but it also enables us to offer our existing and potential clients the best thinking, wherever in the world that may be.”

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