Krupp Kommunications Named AOR for Jason Neubauer’s TV Show and Book “The Santa Clause Effect”

by | Dec 20, 2017

Krupp Kommunications (K2), a full-service public relations, marketing and branding agency, has been named the agency of record for Jason Neubauer’s forthcoming TV show and book “The Santa Claus Affect.” This groundbreaking initiative taps into Neubauer’s expertise as an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, offering an intimate look at 25 of the world’s best-known influencers. With “The Santa Claus Affect,” these influencers will provide personal anecdotes and stories to inspire others to believe in themselves and do good in the world.

K2 will work with Neubauer and his team to develop and execute a strategic communications campaign. This campaign, which will encompass the “The Santa Claus Affect” platform, book, and TV show worldwide, will focus on raising mass awareness of this initiative and on inspiring action. Part of these efforts will focus on building Neubauer’s presence as a thought-leader and extending his expertise and “The Santa Claus Affect” messaging through speaking engagements, as well as digital, print and other media channels.

This will be an extension of Neubauer’s already successful work creating “The Santa Claus Affect,” imbuing the principles of success and community impact into social and other forms of media with a range of partners. As a result of his work to date, Neubauer received the 2017 Internet Marketer of the Year and best Social Media Campaign Millennial Engagement awards from the Internet Marketing Association.

“We’re proud to join Neubauer in this effort as it reflects our own values at K2 and our established presence as integrated marketing experts in elevated living,” said K2 Founder and CEO Heidi Krupp. “Working with Neubauer is also an exciting continuation of my work in TV, as I started my career as a producer at ABC News. There, luminaries like Barbara Walters would encourage us to not just consider how we report the news, but what we do personally to inspire change.”

Neubauer created “The Santa Claus Affect” TV show and book, which features top social media influencers and celebrities, to help people see that they too can succeed – but only when combined with community action and lending a helping hand at a time when the world needs it most. The “Santa Claus Affect” trailer alone earned more than 20MM views on Facebook in the first 45 days, inspiring thousands to write in messages of hope that “The Santa Claus Affect” will inspire change around the world.

“The Santa Claus Affect” also shares Neubauer’s bold journey, taking the viewer and reader inside of the world of a millennial power broker, offering a blueprint of how to win on one’s own terms. Ultimately, “The Santa Claus Affect” is a framework for personal development that will offer tools, knowledge, and actionable resources to reveal the power within to carry on and become the mythical Santa Claus hero in one’s own life.

Years prior to achieving success as a digital marketing expert, Neubauer got a job right out of college as a project engineer in one of Los Angeles’ roughest neighborhoods. He dreamed of more and set out to use his passion to find a new purpose in life. After 18 months stuck in a job he disliked, Neubauer won $32,000 on “Wheel of Fortune,” allowing him to quit his job and completely change his life. Neubauer became an entrepreneur (creating “The Coolbox,” a smart toolbox featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank”) and then established a social media marketing business working with more than 30 blue chip brands, including Sprint, Walgreens, Kind Bar and others.

However, Neubauer never forgot his humble beginnings. He is now using his resources, expertise, and extensive digital network to inspire action, encouraging change for a global community, not just as individuals. Neubauer sees community at the heart of bringing change for oneself and for each other.

“Neubauer’s journey is inspiring to me as someone who also came from loving, but humble, beginnings being the daughter of a taxi driver,” said Krupp. “Over 21 years in business at K2, I’ve achieved success well beyond my dreams, building a company focused precisely on leveraging the expertise of thought-leaders and brands to inspire a better world.”

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