Leavened Hires New Vice President of Client Strategy

by | Feb 16, 2022

Leavened, the leading marketing measurement technology company, is proud to announce William Parker as Vice President of Client Strategy.

In this new role, Parker will work closely with clients to help them understand what marketing and external factors are driving their business. Using Marketing Mix Models (MMMs) through the Leavened platform, Parker will provide marketing insights and optimizations for clients – making him vital to establishing strong client relationships and driving client retention as well as business expansion.

“Will’s expertise in marketing and analytics, as well as his entrepreneurial spirit align with who we are as a company,” said President and Managing Partner of Leavened, Sara Moorthy. “With his leadership, we will continue to develop our measurement products based on market needs and help provide strategic insights to our clients for marketing optimization.”

Pioneering his own analytic-centric approach to branding, Parker has consulted for some of the biggest brands in the world. Procter & Gamble, the U.S. Marine Corps, Ford, CVS, Home Depot, and LG have benefited from his brand strategies for growth, which have fundamentally shifted consumer attitudes and behaviors. These programs implemented cross-company pre- and in-market measurement to optimize media mix and spend with brand lift, sales lift, multi-touch and panel testing for over $100 million in media.

Currently, he is also a board member for the BIC (Branding + Integrated Communications) Master of Professional Studies (MPS) program at the City College of New York. There, he contributes to program development and frequently lectures on the advancement of digital marketing and performance analytics.

“In a cookie-less world, MMM solutions are needed now more than ever. I’m excited to join the team and utilize this incredible cost-effective SaaS solution,” said Parker. “Running millions of models in just a few hours is the answer I’ve been looking for. Marketers need help to expedite insights and directly interact with the marketing.”

Parker joins Leavened’s growing remote employee population. The company has committed to recruiting across the U.S. to attract a larger, more skilled, and diverse talent pool.

About Leavened

Leavened is a marketing measurement technology company. We’re data scientists who know marketing and marketing experts who know analytics. Leavened’s platform helps increase marketing ROI by enabling the planning, measurement, and optimization of efforts based on consumer behavior. We address the three biggest frustrations in the measurement and optimization process: the time it takes, the amount it costs, and the lack of transparency. Built by marketers that know analytics and data scientists that know marketing, our non-cookie technology tools enable real-time, in-market optimizations.

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