LittleLamb, the Sustainable Reusable Nappy Brand on a Mission to Reduce Global Waste, Appoints The PHA Group

by | Mar 4, 2022

Leading independent PR agency, The PHA Group has been appointed by LittleLamb – a family-run nappy brand ensuring cloth nappies stay easy to use, convenient and affordable.

In the UK, every child born generates approximately 6,500 disposable nappies from birth to potty – the equivalent of one tonne of dirty nappies going to landfill – where it is estimated they take up to 250 years to decompose. However, if just 20% of parents and caregivers switched to using reusable nappies, more than 1 million tonnes of waste would be prevented in Europe each year.

Many are still unaware of the alternative, solutions available so it has never been more important to raise awareness of simple solutions to save costs and support the environment. The PHA Group’s Consumer & Lifestyle team will promote LittleLamb’s extensive product range while educating consumers on the importance of switching to reusable.

Run by mother & daughter duo Esme and Alannah Pfaff, LittleLamb was founded in 2004 after Esme’s own experiencing of putting her six children through nappies. She resorted to terry flats and safety pins to ensure she never ran out of nappies – and never looked back! Now, as co-founder and creative director she hand-draws all LittleLamb’s unique designs herself.

LittleLamb’s reusable cloth nappies are made with bamboo, one of the most sustainable natural fibers, and produced in plastic-free, recyclable packaging. The company has a firm commitment to giving back to wider communities as well as supporting the environment –creating limited edition charity ranges with donations to previous partners including Woodland Trust and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

LittleLamb appointed The PHA Group to increase the company’s brand awareness in the UK through an integrated strategy that incorporates press office activity, influencer engagement and seasonal campaigns.

Esme Pfaff, Co-founder and Creative Director at LittleLamb, said: “LittleLamb is on a strong growth trajectory and now is an opportune time to expand our company into additional markets. We were impressed with The PHA Group’s experience in the consumer and sustainability space and are confident they will help us elevate our brand. We believe that we don’t need one person doing zero waste perfectly, we need lots of people doing it imperfectly – if even a small percentage of consumers switch to cloth nappies, collectively this can make a huge impact.”

Suzanne Haysler, Head of Consumer & Lifestyle at The PHA Group, commented: “As a team, we’re passionate about sustainability and enjoy working with businesses that provide innovative solutions while making a wider difference. We’re excited to be working with LittleLamb and supporting their mission to reduce global waste. Together we look forward to educating consumers that making sustainable switches doesn’t have to be a big commitment and can have economical as well as environmental benefits.”

About LittleLamb 

Esme and Nick Pfaff founded LittleLamb in 2004 to ensure cloth nappies stay easy to use, convenient and affordable. Using cloth nappies meant Esme never ran out of nappies and had very little waste; she never looked back.
Like many brand founders, Esme and Nick started LittleLamb to solve a problem they saw in the cloth nappy industry, that over time the products had become greenwashed and expensive. After putting six children through nappies, they knew they wanted to make a cloth nappy brand that was high quality but affordable.
LittleLamb has a firm commitment to sustainability, affordability and giving back. All products are made with sustainable fabrics and packaging is 99% plastic-free. As a “for good” company, LittleLamb has created limited edition ranges with donations going to charity partners including Woodland Trust and Make-A-Wish Foundation. https://littlelamb.com/

About The PHA Group

Established in 2005, The PHA Group is an award-wining independent PR and Digital agency founded by Phil Hall, the former editor of the world’s bestselling newspaper and Director of Editorial Development at Trinity Mirror Group.

With offices based in London, Manchester, Leeds and Wokingham, The PHA Group constitutes consumer, corporate and reputation PR specialists to deliver transformational results for clients, including household brands, international corporations, ambitious start-ups, and individuals with a story to tell.

Our unparalleled network integrates top-level media and influencer contacts with strategic, creative, digital, and social insight, as well as global connections, to create a truly bespoke service. www.thephagroup.com.

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