Magrino Continues to Scale Hospitality Portfolio with New Clients Hand Hospitality and The Docent’s Collection

by | Jul 2, 2024

New York, NY (July 2, 2024)Magrino, a full-channel communications agency based in New York City, today announced the newest clients making waves in the hospitality industry, two Korean restaurants by Hand Hospitality opening in the city later this summer Joo Ok and ODRE, and culturally-grounded private loft collection in the heart of Porland, Maine The Docent’s Collection. The Magrino Agency has been selected to communicate the unique strengths and stories of each brand to the public, directing overall PR strategy to generate awareness across new and existing markets.


About Joo Ok:

Opening in Koreatown, Joo Ok is a Korean fine dining restaurant founded in 2016 by Chef Chang ho Shin in Seoul, Korea. Joo Ok brings together the freshest seasonal ingredients and Korean seasonings, including ‘jang’ (Korean mother sauces), in harmony. Joo Ok introduces contemporary Korean cuisine with a focus on the seasonality of Korean ingredients. The menu development for each season starts with Chef Shin hand-selecting ingredients at local markets or sourcing them from his family or the restaurant’s farm in Upstate New York. Ingredients are prepared in-house whenever possible – perilla oil from Joo Ok’s signature dish, Flavor of Joo Ok, is grown and pressed by Chef Shin’s in-law family, kimchi is made by the Joo Ok team, and vinegar and jang are made and fermented in-house. 

About ODRE:

Located in the East Village, ODRE is a Korean restaurant that captures the essence of Korea’s four distinct seasons. As Korea’s culinary traditions are deeply rooted in the rhythm of the seasons, Chef Changki Kang will prepare dishes featuring fresh ingredients that evoke the essence of Korea’s landscapes and showcase the culinary treasures of New York. Chef plans to incorporate two distinct elements of Korean cuisine into the restaurant – ‘gamasot’ (cauldron cooking) and ‘banchan’ (small side dishes) Just like a warm, ever-burning cauldron, ODRE offers both heartwarming food and service.

About The Docent’s Collection:

The Docent’s Collection offers a distinctive approach to travel for elite guests seeking to curate a culturally rich stay. An alternative to traditional hotels, The Docent’s Collection’s private lofts fuse first-class hospitality with modern, mobile-first service. Every private loft is fully furnished with flexible floor plans, offering unique features and views, and booking options to meet the needs of every unique traveler.

Each home in the collection has been thoughtfully placed within steps of a vibrant arts community, local boutiques, and nationally recognized cuisine. This local culture permeates throughout your private loft with bespoke interior design and locally crafted exhibits from Maine artists.

About Magrino 

Magrino is an award-winning, preeminent lifestyle public relations and marketing agency which was recently named to the Observer’s Top 25 PR Firms in America 2024 for the 10th year in a row. The agency specializes in public relations, marketing, brand development, digital and social media marketing and communications for the world’s most revered luxury brands in travel, real estate, food, wine & spirits, fashion, beauty, health & wellness, home furnishings & design, and consumer goods. The agency combines breakthrough creative ideas, unparalleled strategic insights and intelligence to achieve marketing and business goals for every client. For more information visit www.magrinopr.com.

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