Marketing communications executive Dr. Yashima White AziLove launches Trip Network

by | Dec 3, 2020

With more than 20 years as an award-winning brand communications executive for Fortune 100 companies, Dr. Yashima White AziLove recognized a yearning in the workplace for a greater integration of spirituality and ethical decision-making. The founder and managing partner of Magnate Consulting, LLC, White AziLove accepted this calling to integrate her love of business and ministry. She did so by launching Yes! TRIP, a unique event experience and a budding movement of multi-ethnic women who seek to be unapologetic in their womanhood, faith, and career. What started as a simple event in March 2019 has evolved in the last year into the TRIP Network, an inspiring lifestyle, professional and global community of more than 500 women.

From insurance, healthcare, and financial services, to the banking and entertainment industries, White AziLove’s career has exposed her to the triumphs and tribulations of leaders at every level. Whether C-Suite or middle management, leaders faced the same dilemma: How do you guide, inspire and create an ethical organization while meeting company goals?

What she found is a desire for principled corporate decision-making driven by moral imperatives and soul-centered practices. Acknowledging a growing demand of like-minded women seeking to walk in divine purpose, power and prosperity, White AziLove is curating a live virtual marketplace ministry experience, Yes! TRIP 2020, on Friday, Dec. 11 – Sunday, Dec. 13. The gathering promises an opportunity for women to be wholly edified by the fiercest women speakers successfully operating at the crossroads of professional, personal, and spiritual development.

“Our professional, personal and spiritual lives do not need to live in isolation of one another; full integration is possible, and quite frankly essential for true success,” White AziLove continued. “The Yes! TRIP virtual conference is designed to equip women of faith to use their spiritual muscle to demand the career of choice, manifest their desired life, or build a prosperous business even amidst a pandemic.”

Melinda F. Emerson, America’s No. 1 small business expert, SmallBizLady and publisher of Succeed As Your Own Boss website; Sirena Moore-Thomas, founder/CEO of The Highmark Group, LLC, and host/producer of The B.M.W. Life™ Podcast; and Amanda Miller Littlejohn, personal branding coach and host/producer of the Package Your Genius Podcast are a few of the speakers tackling a variety of topics, such as “Help Reinvent My Business” and “How Do I Love Me, Can I Count the Ways?”

Yes! TRIP reads and sounds like an oxymoron. Women have spent a lifetime telling one another and being told, “Don’t trip!” or “Stop trippin’!” In short, this empowerment experience is redefining the term and is releasing women to Yes! TRIP. As a virtual marketplace ministry, this is for women who want to TREVAIL in life, family, career, and future; REINVENT their career, business, and mindset; and tap into their God-given INTERNAL POWER.

For women who feel 2020 has zapped the “life” out of them, or are ready to revoke their “career victim card” following a layoff, furlough or a dead-end gig, or are tired of being sick and tired, they can register online. Tickets are $69 and includes private 1:1 video network chatting, conference materials, virtual vending/exhibition, and on-demand viewing of each session for a limited time following the event.

For more information about Yes! TRIP 2020 “Finish Strong,” including the conference agenda, visit https://dryashima.com/. Interested parties are also encouraged to engage in online conversation by tagging #YesTrip2020 on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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