Mekky Media Relations Joins Forces with International Public Relations Network in New Tourism Group

by | Jul 18, 2023

Alongside More Than 10 Agencies from Four Continents, the Chicago Agency Will Provide Collaborative PR Services for Specialized International Travel Companies and Destinations.

CHICAGO (July 17, 2023)Mekky Media, a Chicago based public relations firm known for its strategic approach to creative storytelling, today announced it will join the International Public Relations Network (IPRN) in the creation of a specialized tourism group to boost international public relations in the sector. With the growing importance of tourism as an economic and cultural driver, IPRN has identified the need for a specialized (and internationally inclusive) approach to the industry. Made up of more than ten agencies from four continents, this group provides IPRN members with access to tourism-specific expertise for their own clients and deliver strategies and campaigns tailored to the unique needs of the tourism industry. 

Founded just over seven years ago by former veteran broadcast journalist, Michelle Mekky, Mekky Media has grown exponentially in providing creative PR in a number of verticals, pairing journalistic storytelling with strategic media relations. The agency thrives in the tourism industry with experience representing tourist based transportation experiences, tourism and hospitality boards, and high profile dining, hospitality and retail concepts.

Diego Barceló, CEO of Comunicación Iberoamericana (Spain) and Chair of the IPRN Tourism Group explains: “The tourism industry faces unique communication and promotional challenges, and we are committed to providing effective and strategic solutions to our tourism clients. By bringing together the best tourism PR agencies from around the world, we will be able to offer world-class services and leverage our global expertise to promote tourism destinations and businesses in an impactful way”.

“The tourism industry has quickly become one of our key verticals that we service, especially as it continues to grow and evolve.” said Michelle Mekky, CEO and founder of Mekky Media. “When I started Mekky Media, I knew that collaboration would be one of our biggest strengths and opportunities. In partnership with IPRN we’ve already gained so much industry knowledge and I’m thrilled to continue to drive public and media relations forward at an international level.”

Currently, The IPRN Tourism Group includes Comunicación Iberoamericana (Spain), Central de Informaçao (Portugal), Luna (Belgium), Wright on Comm (United States), MANGO-OMC (South Africa), Mekky Media (United States), EXTROVERT Business Communitacion (Greece), Public Dialog (Poland), Fortuna PR (India) and Concept PR (India).

About IPRN

IPRN is an international network of independently owned and operated public relations and communications agencies with more than 50 members in more than 100 major cities and more than 40 countries around the world, including North and South America, Western Europe and Eastern, Middle East, Africa, Far East and Australia. It represents all sectors of the industry and represents a cumulative turnover of around 150 million dollars, with more than 1,000 employees and 4,000 clients among the different agencies.

About Mekky Media

Mekky Media Relations is a boutique PR agency that is dedicated to delivering powerful publicity using trusted experience, innovative ideas and personalized attention. Founded in 2016 by veteran broadcast journalist and PR executive Michelle Mekky, the agency offers PR strategy, media relations, media training, event promotion, content production and influencer management for a range of clients and verticals. Mekky Media’s team of passionate professionals from the best PR firms in the country and former journalists work with relentless drive to achieve success for clients who all have one thing in common – a good story. 

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