Melius Communication Opens to Serve the Americas

by | Jun 1, 2023

New Firm Provides Communication Services to Clients with Regional and Multinational Interests  

MIAMI, FL USA (MAY 23, 2023) –  Melius Communications today announced its formal opening as a new communication agency serving clients with business interests in North, Central and South America.  The new firm was conceived in response to a need for a more culturally sensitive way of communicating across borders and throughout the region, one that takes into account a blend of business, linguistic and cultural considerations within individual nations of the continent. Melius is set to serve as a regional agency for The Americas bringing a fresh approach to communication with an enhanced emphasis on positioning of organizations, companies and brands, cross cultural, internal and crisis communication.

Melius will function to ensure consistency of message and an innovative approach to regional communications.  “Companies across the region need a consistent level of service, focus on cultural nuances, and better attention to detail” said Patricia Santa-Marina, Founding Partner of Melius.  “We named our new agency using the Latin word for Better – Melius,” Santa-Marina explained.  

Melius is a cooperative venture between Minerba Communications in Latin America and Stanton Communications in the United States. The leadership of both firms began considering a closer alliance during strategic discussions that originated in 2019.  Work on shared mandates demonstrated the firms’ compatibility and common belief in what could be accomplished through a combined enterprise.  Rather than merge or acquire, the partners opted for an entirely new venture, equally owned, that also enables their legacy agencies to continue to serve existing clients whether or not those clients require cross border capabilities.  

“Melius is a new independent agency with the flexibility to tailor its approach and service offerings to meet the specific needs of clients wherever they are located,” said Peter Stanton, also a Founding Partner of Melius.  “At the heart of everything Melius does is a commitment to client service excellence,” he said.

Melius headquarters will be based in Miami. It will additionally operate from the founding agencies’ existing offices and operative resources in the U.S. and Latin America.  These include New York, Washington, D.C., Buenos Aires, México DF, Montevideo, Asunción del Paraguay, Santiago de Chile, Lima and Santa Cruz de la Sierra.   

Leadership of the new firm includes the two Founding Partners as well as, Lori Russo, Marcia Mendez-Knaudt, and Emily Wenstrom all of whom will serve as Managing Partners.  


Melius Communication is an independent communication agency based in Miami, with offices in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, México, Paraguay, Uruguay, Perú, Washington, D.C. and New York. The firm offers full capability throughout the Americas in a manner that is culturally correct, using the language of business in the location where that business is conducted. Melius delivers strategic, focused and results-driven communication campaigns conducted by a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team.

Visit Melius Communications at www.meliuscomm.com.

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