Montieth & Company and SPRG launch new PR agency in Hong Kong

by | Feb 4, 2021

Montieth & Company (M&Co), the global communications consultancy has joined forces with Strategic Public Relations Group (SPRG), one of the largest public relations networks in Asia-Pacific to launch a new agency in Hong Kong: Montieth SPRG.

Montieth SPRG is the result of a collaboration between the two agencies that dates back to 2006 and represents the next evolution of global communications. The new company will provide fully integrated, cross-border communications strategies that move seamlessly and nimbly across media markets and achieve high-impact results and influence. Montieth SPRG will deliver key corporate initiatives that encourage audience engagement, raise/build brand awareness and drive growth. In its initial phase, the firm will serve clients from the Americas and EMEA that seek to penetrate new markets in Asia-Pacific and expand across the region. Core offerings include marketing communications and media relations, issues and crisis management and financial communications/IR.

Montieth Illingworth, CEO and Global Managing Partner, Montieth & Company and Co-Chairman of Montieth SPRG said: “SPRG’s depth of experience and expertise in the region is invaluable. This is an opportunity for Montieth & Company to serve our North American and EMEA clients in some of the world’s fastest growing economies. The Asia-Pacific region has vigorously tackled the pandemic and the benefits are evident.”

Richard Tsang, Chairman, SPRG and Co-Chairman, Montieth SPRG said: “SPRG and M&Co have been working together for 15 years now. We hope to offer the best solutions to global companies looking for a compelling and competitive edge in the region’s markets. In M&Co, we have a true partner in innovation and together we will help our clients from different sectors to take advantage of their biggest opportunities in Asia-Pacific.”

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