PAN Communications Announces The Power Of Voice—An Influencer Marketing Program

by | Feb 15, 2018

PAN Communications, an integrated marketing and PR agency for the B2B technology and healthcare industries, has announced The Power of Voice – An Influencer Marketing Program. Built from an easy-to-use data-driven platform, this five-step guide will help today’s marketers create new ideas, identify market opportunities and build the right engagement program tailored to their industry. PAN’s strategic influencer marketing program ensures client IP, executives’ involvement and products/services are positioned to the right influencers at the right times with maximum return.

Marketers are looking to understand and effectively leverage influencer marketing now more than ever. In fact, Google searches for “influencer marketing” have increased 325 percent in the last 12 months, with 37 percent of marketers dedicating budget to the practice. In response to this growing priority to understand and engage industry influencers, PAN’s five-step Power of Voice program aligns client messaging needs and evaluates awareness by influencer type at specific stages. Leveraging a variety of technologies and grounded in measurement and analysis that maps to clients’ overall PR and marketing goals, PAN’s approach focuses on driving influencer outcome (Power of Voice) – i.e., generating content (coverage, mentions, interviews), advocacy (shared content, engagement) and reviews (likes, comments) that supports a brand building programs.

“One of our core initiatives in 2017 was to connect with the right influencers in our key industries to share our brand message to a wider, yet tailored audience,” said Allison Ferguson, Corporate Marketing Manager at Netsertive. “PAN was instrumental in identifying and connecting with these individuals, helping to develop an affinity for our brand and products. The campaign yielded impressive results, including 200k new influential followers and more than 150 new influencer engagements.”

The Power of Voice

PAN’s process starts with an intensive audit built off of a powerful data-driven platform, which leads to a strategy aligning influencers from initial brand introductions to relationship building to ongoing engagement. The approach targets all five key categories of relationships that make up a strong influencer strategy – from creators to analysts to media to influencers—and is tailored to address a variety of program needs and audiences, including:

  • Audit and assessment of the market
  • ID and align for impact and engagement
  • Move ideas with stories that matter
  • Prioritize programs and channels
  • 360° measurement

“It’s an exciting time to be a marketer with so many valuable options to impact your voice and brand,” said Michele Frost, Vice President, Digital at PAN Communications. “The pace of conversations and advancement of online communities and social tools opens up new opportunities to engage with the voices that can have a direct impact on your business. The Power of Voice is a natural extension of the work we do with clients every day. Our Influencer marketing program will guide clients through the process of better understanding their audiences and engaging with them in meaningful and impactful ways.”

Learn more about PAN’s influencer marketing approach—including case studies of PAN’s work. You can also download the latest eBook, “The Power of Voice: The Art and Science of Influencer Marketing”.

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