Phillips Media Relations Rebrands as Throughline Group

by | May 1, 2019

Throughline Group, a new public speaking and media training firm led by deeply experienced trainers, announced its launch. Throughline Group offers custom presentation training and media training workshops, as well as open-enrollment presentation training and media training classes.

The firm is headed by Brad Phillips, who built his previous company, Phillips Media Relations, into one of the best-known training firms in the United States. Since 2004, he has helped clients prepare for TED Global, TEDx, The World Economic Forum, presidential announcement speeches, releases of major scientific discoveries, and thousands of other presentations and interviews. Prior to starting his work in media training and public speaking skills, Phillips worked for ABC’s Nightlinewith Ted Koppel and CNN’s Reliable Sources, The Capital Gang and Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer.

Throughline Group differentiates itself through its commitment to the long-term growth of its clients.

“Too often, open-enrollment training workshops work like this: You pay your money, attend a class, and leave with a binder of notes. Then, nothing. You never hear from the trainers again,” said Phillips, Chief Executive Throughliner of Throughline Group. “Growing your communications skills requires ongoing practice and refinement. That’s why we have turned the typical model on its head by offering what we believe to be the most generous free post-training program in the industry. The days of ‘one and done training’ are over.”

Christina Mozaffari, an Emmy Award-winning journalist with NBC News, who has worked as a media and presentation trainer with Phillips since 2011, becomes a partner in the firm.

“The custom workshops that we’re known for have always been highly personalized, and will continue to be,” Mozaffari said. “With the new firm, we are bringing that customization and feedback to our open-enrollment classes at a more affordable price. We offer smaller class sizes, more customization, and ongoing support for when you need it most.”

Throughline Group is based in New York City, with offices in Washington, D.C.

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