Red Fan Announces Partnerships with ClearCorrect, Jalisco Norte and Parker Jazz Club

by | Mar 28, 2019

Red Fan Communications announced a series of three new partnerships with impassioned brands in Austin and beyond: ClearCorrectJalisco Norte and Parker Jazz Club.


ClearCorrect is a leading clear aligner manufacturer that provides best-in-class support and quality, clinically driven products to help dentists and orthodontists grow their practices. Manufactured in the U.S., ClearCorrect’s aligners are administered with doctor supervision, placing more power in the hands of the most qualified to develop safe and effective treatment plans customized to each patient’s specific needs.

ClearCorrect is known for its dedication to doctors, consumers and the entire dental community who strive for the smile they want.


A Dallas foodie favorite, Jalisco Norte, is a journey through Mexico without ever leaving the table. Executive Chef José Meza, who was born and raised in Mexico, takes diners on a nostalgic culinary experience with a repertoire of some of the finest Mexican cuisine built over years of working in some of the world’s most vaunted restaurants and kitchens.

Jalisco Norte brings a new interpretation of Mexican cuisine to Dallas diners. Chef Meza and his team are innovative and unique with a palate for great experiences.


Parker Jazz Club is a bustling venue that regularly features well-known artists throughout the country. Founded by musician Kris Kimura, the club is the ultimate intimate live music venue with a world-class soundstage befitting of the talent that plays on it. While live jazz is the focal point of the lounge, premier service and drinks from renowned bartender, Trever Fehrenbach, ensure there’s a little something for everyone, regardless of musical tastes.

“As an agency, we’re always looking to evolve with clients who excite and energize us,” said Kathleen Lucente, president and founder of Red Fan. “In Jalisco Norte, ClearCorrect and Parker Jazz Club, we’ve found three diverse brands that challenge us to think outside the box, craft meaningful stories and convey them thoughtfully, and showcase our PR prowess outside of Austin. We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce our partnerships with these outstanding businesses.”

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