R&J Strategic Communications Launches Brand Health Service Tool to Monitor Customer Reviews

by | Feb 14, 2019

R&J Strategic Communications, a full service integrated marketing and public relations agency, announced the launch of the agency’s new Brand Health Services tool, True Grade™. A key component of R&J’s comprehensive brand health program, True Grade™ enables brands to better understand how their customers perceive them, as well as to proactively define and defend their online reputations.

True Grade™ is a reputation management platform that allows brands to both monitor and engage with existing customer feedback and to acquire more authentic customer reviews through automated multi-channel review acquisition campaigns via email and / or text message. The platform helps optimize a company or brand’s overall scores on Google, Facebook, Yelp and any other industry specific review sites. True Grade™ can further help protect brand reputation by identifying unhappy customers before they leave a negative review and providing brand managers with an opportunity to engage the customer and resolve any issues before negative reviews are published. Customers who indicate that they have had a negative experience are directed to a team member who can help them resolve their issue, without having to publicly post a negative review.

“Customer reviews are the single most effective bit of marketing you can do for your company, but the happiest customers often don’t even consider writing reviews, forget to follow through, or don’t know how or where to do so,” said Tim Gerdes, Director of Digital Services, R&J Strategic Communications, “With True Grade™, brands can improve negative sentiment surrounding their company and turn critics into advocates who can help to strengthen your own messaging strategy.”

The monitor and listening tools available through True Grade™ can alert everyone on your team when new reviews are published and allow you to respond from a central “Command Center” or share the positive reviews as compelling and automated social media content as well as report on trends and ROI for reviews of your business.

In addition to True Grade™, R&J’s Brand Health Services include: a comprehensive audit of, website, social channels, outbound communications, and internal communications; crisis management planning; standardizing name, address, phone number (NAP) data, taking ownership of directory and map listings; conducting social listening and reporting on audience sentiment and the competitive landscape; customer service on social media and developing response protocols and messaging.

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