The Abbi Agency releases new e-book about the role of influencer marketing during COVID

by | Dec 18, 2020

Last year, The Abbi Agency released a travel influencer marketing study showing the significant impact of influencer marketing on the travel and tourism industry. With tourism being hit harder than ever this year, The Abbi Agency conducted a follow-up study that uncovers how influencer marketing has evolved and morphed during the pandemic. By conducting new research and picking the brains of influencers,The Abbi Agency has compiled an e-book designed to help destinations maximize their success with influencers going into 2021.

After speaking with 20 influencers, ranging from 10K to 300K followers, here’s a snapshot of what the firm uncovered:

  • Collaboration: Influencers advise that destinations not be shy to reach out. Many are eager to visit new places and they want to collaborate with potential DMO partners either for upcoming or long-term travel plans.
  • Clarity: Identify the message that’s best for the destination and communicate that to influencer partners. This will help nail down the right influencers who can help destinations reach their ideal demographic.
  • Budget Matters: Understand and build out a healthy budget for influencers to show off the real experience. Don’t skip out on the experiences that are most important in communicating the desired messaging.
  • Individually and Creativity: Focus on the individual and move away from group trips. Maximize the success of the trip by allowing influencers to have the creative freedom to travel and cover the destination in a way that will best resonate with their audience.
  • More Platforms for Niche Audiences: The pandemic has pushed many influencers to expand or re-engage their content and marketing offerings, including newsletters and blogs – even a shift to live features and new platforms like TikTok. Don’t stop at Instagram, keep looking to find new ways that influencers are promoting their favorite destinations.

The full e-book is available online now on The Abbi Agency’s website here.

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