The Worldcom Public Relations Group welcomes Switzerland-based GRIP Agency 

by | Aug 21, 2020

The Worldcom Public Relations Group, a leading global partnership of independent public relations firms, continued building out its partnership by recently welcoming GRIP Agency AG.

“Our organization is committed to building a trusted, collaborative partnership of independent agencies that pursue the highest level of excellence on their own, and collectively, help us achieve even greater heights,” said Todor Ianev, Managing Partner of Janev & Janev and Worldcom’s EMEA Region Chair. “GRIP Agency is an outstanding agency and an important addition to our partnership. They provide us with a strong presence in Zurich, across Switzerland and add an important asset to our strong team across Europe.”

The welcoming of GRIP Agency AG to the Worldcom Public Relations Group marks the completion of a rigorous Worldcom partner recruitment and vetting process that ensures the compatibility of the agency applying for partnership and their ability to meeting the standards of trust and collaboration that has defined the Worldcom PR Group since its founding in 1988. As the Group’s newest partner, GRIP Agency AG joins a robust group of global partners who openly share knowledge, best practices, utilize each other to meet expanding client roles and to collaborate on new opportunities scaled to the local, regional and global needs of any prospect.

“Breakthroughs begin with curiosity. Because curiosity disrupts every routine, shows us new paths, lets us explore undreamt-of perspectives. Hardly any other force drives us forward more than human curiosity. So curiosity is a precious commodity today, unfortunately not a matter of course, but of decisive importance. We do everything in our power to actively support and encourage our employees in their curiosity. This is why we are very pleased to be part of Worldcom and to network with our colleagues around the world and exchange expertise and ideas in order to turn challenges into opportunities,” says Patrick Milo, Managing Partner of GRIP.

GRIP, based in Zurich, is a communications agency with many years of experience in the Swiss market and has extensive experience in communications management, mainly for real estate, banking, finance and fintech companies, but also for the construction, retail, health and tourism sectors. Its range of services comes from a single source and includes strategic brand and marketing communication, public relations, the development of digital solutions and social media & content marketing.

“We believe that brand value is the currency of the 21st century, which is why we always focus on the brand story without channel preference. The element that connects everything is creativity. The mixture of intelligent insights and innovative ideas creates moments that are captivating and convincing. We use our expertise and our entire range of services to achieve this, and we are firmly convinced that Worldcom will help us to achieve this goal even better than today,” says Thomas Biedermann, Managing Director of GRIP.

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