Version 2.0 Communications, a public relations and digital communications agency for disruptive brands, has added ETQ and Opengear to its portfolio of enterprise technology clients.

ETQ is the leading provider of quality management solutions, trusted by the world’s strongest brands. More than 500 global companies, spanning industries including electronics, heavy industry, food and beverage and medical devices, use ETQ to secure positive brand reputations, deliver higher levels of customer loyalty and enhance profitability. Version 2.0 is tasked with building brand awareness for ETQ on a local and national stage, and establishing its executives as thought leaders on issues pertaining to quality. To fuel campaign work—and support communications efforts more broadly—Version 2.0 has led ETQ’s messaging update efforts. Version 2.0 also handles the company’s social media, from strategy to execution.

“We turned to Version 2.0 to solidify ETQ as the leader in quality management solutions. From the start, it was clear the team had a deep understanding of how to strategically execute a comprehensive media and social media program to help us achieve our brand building goals and engage our target audiences to support sales,” said Nina McIntyre, CMO of ETQ.

Opengear offers solutions that deliver secure, resilient network access and automation to critical IT infrastructure. Version 2.0 is executing a strategic thought leadership campaign to drive dialogue around the importance of a resilient network, as well as support its business growth through media and analyst relations and awards and speaking programs.

“Version 2.0’s experience in the networking and data center space made them the ideal PR agency for us as we are an established company in the industry and need to bolster our public relations program in the U.S., which we’re confident Version 2.0 will continue to do,” said Steve Cummins, vice president of marketing at Opengear.

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