XtremeAg retains The Pollack Group to handle digital production

by | Apr 10, 2020

Today’s farmer needs to navigate through a field of increasingly unstable crop prices, rising costs of equipment and inputs, extreme weather and new technologies. While a lot has changed over the last few decades in agriculture, one thing has stayed the same: Farming isn’t easy.

Needless to say, today’s farmer needs to be a master of many things, on and off the field, in order to be successful.

That’s where XtremeAg.farm aims to help.

A community of highly successful farmers from across the United States, has come together to offer an Xtreme look into their personal farming operations through a unique website experience.  Connecting with real farmers from all over the U.S., the XA team is opening up their farming operations to provide unparalleled access to their unique experiences, successes and failures, advice, and expertise.

XtremeAg, officially launched in February, has retained The Pollack Group, a creative, digital, marketing and public relations agency, to handle production and editing of an online content library, one that the group will use to share their experiences and methods with a community of growers nationwide.

The finished library will contain a wealth of seasonally relevant information, including authored articles and videos on farm equipment, farming strategies and tips, maintenance, inputs, agronomy, and much more. In addition, the agency is working with the XtremeAg team to edit and distribute regular real-time field reports sent in from the group members, as they work on their own farms.

In addition to building the content library, the agency is also leading the development of the group’s social media channels through both organic and paid marketing strategies.

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