Zee Jay Media Launches “Good Morning, Marketing” Podcast Series

by | Oct 18, 2018

To help marketers address the challenges of modernizing marketing in the digital age, Zee Jay Media has launched a podcast series. Good Morning, Marketing features interviews with real-world marketers who are waking up to the reality that the way their teams work no longer aligns with today’s digital world.

Hosted by Veronica Bright, a Zee Jay Digital consultant, the podcast underscores the day-to-day difficulties faced by marketing leaders, creatives, account managers, developers, and the people who manage budgets.

“Our guests are opening the eyes of our audience as they relate stories from the front lines,” Bright said. “Their first-hand accounts show that marketing has become overly complicated and politically stifling, and they bring to light the importance of collective problem solving to make things right.”

The first episode features Paige Sargent, former European head of marketing account management of the world’s largest office supplies retailer, Staples. In this role, Sargent was responsible for developing more than 5,000 creative marketing projects each year. She discusses the importance of developing trusting relationships to inspire creatives to do their best work. Listen.

The Zee Jay Media podcast lineup includes a brand strategist, CMO, content specialist, agency head, lead generation guru, psychologist, and marketing ops expert—working in industries ranging from cannabis to technology, grocery to furniture, academia to healthcare, and available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts and all other major outlets.

Subscribe to upcoming podcast episodes featuring:

  • Kelley Troia, former marketing operations head at Whole Foods and Walmart, with perspective on digital transformation—and why 70% of initiatives fail.
  • Bridget O’Brien, a marketing leader with tenure at Ethan Allen and Vistaprint—and unique perspective on what it takes to be the customers’ champion.
  • Mayer Becker, an operations-focused marketing leader who worked at United Airlines and Motorola Mobility, who has unique insights into building efficient global content supply chains.
  • Saaid Mendoza, PhD, a social & organizational psychologist who studies how stereotypes impact our perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors, including in the workplace and marketing contexts.
  • Erika Szychowski, a branding expert with experience in finance, footwear and food who credits her industry adaptability with her ability to “collect people.”

“Our newly formed media arm features guests who educate, entertain—and provide therapeutic value to modern marketers,” said Eric Rotkow, founder of parent Zee Jay Digital, a firm that brings forward operational principles that enable convergence of new marketing technology to optimize customer engagement.

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