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Consumers stop using online brands because of poor reputation—how to clean up your act

The swift rise of “cancel culture” means the online and social brands we frequent and follow need to watch their step—more and more consumers have...

4 ways to nail your eco-friendly PR story

As many consumer and electorate surveys continue to tell us, there’s a growing number of citizens across the world who are profoundly concerned about the environment and would like to trade with companies that take these concerns seriously. In order to tap into this...

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Maureen Walsh Named Chief Marketing and Sales Officer for PRSA

PRSA, the nation’s leading professional organization serving the communications community, announced that Maureen Walsh has been named Chief Marketing and Sales Officer. Walsh will report to Interim Chief Executive Officer, Philip Bonaventura, and be based in New...

MyTenNights Appoints The PHA Group as PR Agency

The PHA Group announced its appointment by tech platform, MyTenNights, to help drive awareness by managing its communications strategy. One of London’s leading PR agencies, The PHA Group, has been tasked with raising awareness of MyTenNights’ innovative platform...

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