10 ways PR can make a great impression on job candidates–before they even apply

by | Apr 26, 2023 | Public Relations

Whether you have a fully staffed public relations team or a small marketing department, PR will always be an important element in recruitment. But that leaves one question: how exactly can you utilize PR to impress potential candidates from the word go? Let’s take a closer look.

10 ways PR teams can impress potential candidates

The trick to getting the best people to work for your company is making a good first impression, and a great PR team can do just that! Here are 10 ways your PR team can impress candidates.

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1. Develop a PR strategy that communicates your company values and culture in a warm and welcoming tone

Everyone wants to work in a positive company culture, but it can be difficult to express the best parts of your culture without coming off as phony. That’s why it’s vital to prioritize delivering a warm and welcoming brand image that seeks to build personalized and meaningful connections. 

You should never treat potential candidates as a number or as a “cog in a machine,” or you’ll have a hard time convincing people that you care about their well-being. Instead, showcase that your culture is open, encourages inclusion, and is welcoming of all people from all walks of life.

2. Make sure your website, job listings, and career center are clear, up-to-date, and visually appealing. 

Aesthetics are more important to candidates than we realize. A professional-looking website can prove that you’re a legitimate company that’s serious about acquiring top talent. Not only that, but an up-to-date listing can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, reducing turnover.

Be sure to use an online job board like Lensa to ensure the right candidates can find you. While PR is important, data used on job boards can make your listings reach more suitable hires.

3. Utilize social media channels to showcase how your company engages with its employees, customers, and community

The problem with some companies is that they’re “all talk and no action.” It’s widely accepted that you need to promote community and inclusion in your company to attract talent, but many employers won’t embed these values into their organization. This causes new hires to leave.

If you want to build trust in your candidates that you’re not “just some company,” then you need to walk the walk. Use social media to actually showcase how you interact with your employees, customers, and community by replying to comments professionally, especially negative ones.

4. Use content marketing to demonstrate your dedication to corporate responsibility and environmental protection

According to Gallup, 7 in 10 U.S. workers state that a company’s environmental record matters in whether or not they’d take a job with that company. Candidates want to know that your company cares about the environment, which means taking action to fight climate change.

To show that you take corporate responsibility and environmental protection seriously, you’ll need to make blog content that explains how you intend to go green or make a change.

5. Leverage influencer relationships to get your messages out to targeted prospects across digital and traditional channels

Investing in influencer marketing is still one of the best PR moves you can make for your company. Various influencer-based statistics suggest that 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations. Influencers could be used to convince candidates to apply to your roles.

For example, a career influencer could use a special hashtag to promote your job opportunities. They could discuss why a candidate would want to apply, such as the benefits you offer.

6. Target thought leaders in the industry with a combination of press outreach and targeted direct contact

Thought leaders, like influencers, hold a lot of power in your industry. While thought leaders and influencers share many similarities, thought leaders are often more in tune with their target audience. They frequently make content that’s educational and specific to their own market.

Consider contacting thought leaders that can share your job posting via press outreach and direct contact with recruiters. Candidates who are fans of this specific thought leader would be more than happy to connect with a company that’s trusted by a person they respect.

7. Strengthen existing relationships with recruiters to ensure your company is featured with the right message at the right time

It’s common for employers to use recruitment agencies to hire talent, but you can’t just expect them to parrot your message effectively. You’ll need to work closely with recruiters to get what you want. That includes communicating effectively and trusting them to get the job done right.

Once your PR team develops a great relationship with recruiters, they can take their suggestions and apply them to other strategies, thus improving your own hiring strategies.

8. Create microsites or campaigns to communicate your commitment to innovation and excellence 

For decades, candidates have been clear about what they expect from companies. One of the things new hires require is an employer that invests in their growth. To prove your company offers this benefit, create campaigns that communicate your commitment to innovation.

For example, PR teams could code a microsite that breaks down how your continuing investment in employee-based skill training allows your company to stay competitive.

9. Utilize storytelling and case studies to highlight the successes of your organization and employees

High-quality employees want to work for high-quality employers. PR teams can easily highlight organization or employee-based successes by using case studies and storytelling. However, these documents have to be easy to find on your website for them to work as intended.

Remember that you can’t create a case study without the expressed permission of your employees or clients. But once you do, you can share them on social media and job sites.

10. Publish blog posts that feature individual employees, company projects, and other company-specific topics

More often than not, candidates will research your company before applying to your job posting. If you want to impress them right away, you’ll need to feature happy employees on your site. These pieces will show potential candidates that joining your team will improve their lives. 

However, it isn’t enough just to platform employees. Other candidates may be more interested in the projects they’ll complete when hired or in topics that concern your company’s reputation.

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