10 ways to strengthen the hiring process with video

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Analysis, Public Relations

Video has taken the marketing world by storm, and with great cause. From stronger brand and product recognition to increased conversion rates, video is a multi-sensory platform that is seemingly ready-made for marketing and advertising purposes. However, if your company is only using video for marketing or (gasp!) not using video at all, then it’s time you found out about the versatility of video as a business tool.

Here we’re going to specifically address how video can augment the hiring process for human resources and team members looking to make the best decision when it comes time to fill a position. Now, we won’t just be talking about video interviewing, which certainly has its perks. While we will spend some time on interviewing, we’re Instead going to focus on some deep dive options to get the most out of video as a communications medium and try to get you thinking about how you can creatively and effectively use video in all facets of your day-to-day operations.

After all, in a competitive market place to find the best talent possible, implementing a strategy like video in your hiring process may be the attention-grabber you need to stick out to your audience and get the right person to fit the position. Here’s ten distinct ways to go about doing this:

1. Conduct Live One-on-One Video Interviews

Let’s start with the standard-bearer for video in the hiring process: video interviews. Whether you’re looking to attract talent from all around the world, save on travel costs or simply make some quick yet informed decisions about a range of candidates, this form of video interview will do the trick. You’ll be happy with arranging the interview on your own schedule, you can save and share with colleagues for their input via video content management systems, and your candidates will be thrilled to have an expedited hiring process.

2. Pre-Recorded Video Interview Messaging

The other interview tactic we’ll dip into is the pre-recorded route. Perfect for managers on the fly, this option uses a video platform to let hiring personnel send pre-determined questions to candidates and allows them to record and submit responses at their own pace. Not only does this save a ton of time, it also increases the quality of the process by allowing interviewees the chance to record and re-record their answers before submitting so they’ll have no regrets about their performance.

3. Video Job Descriptions

Moving away from the interview process, video job descriptions are a way to engage recruits in a more entertaining manner. Let’s face it: when you’re looking for a job, reading through page after page of boring job descriptions that may or may not actually pertain to the position gets old quick. Allowing a team member to give detailed information and expectations of the day-to-day position, coupled with video footage of the work environment and tasks, ensures that candidates have a better understanding of the position before applying.

4. Videos for Application Assistance

Your company can earn quite a few points with recruits by managing expectations during the hiring process. This should include detailing the application process. Create a quick video on the application portal of your website giving as precise steps and details as possible for candidates interested in applying for a position. You’ll save yourself a lot of time answering email inquiries and start your candidates off on the right foot.

5. Career Advertisement on the Web

A simple method for getting more candidate’s eyes on your company and attracting talent. Take the time to create a noteworthy video detailing your company, what you stand for as a business, and how a candidate could expect to grow in the company and the benefits they’d receive as an employee. Explain the hiring process and when at all possible, create a call-to-action to deliver candidates directly to your application page. This not only serves the purpose of attracting talent, but also doubling as yet another way to market your brand.

6. Establish a Video Resume Portal

This option may not be for every candidate, but creating an open portal on your company site for recruits to sell their skills is an exciting way to constantly stay on the lookout for new creative thinkers to rope in to your business. For the right candidate, it’s an awesome way to show off your creativity and create an eye-catching video to draw attention from the hiring manager.

7. Hiring Manager/Team Member Video Bios

Insist on team members and hiring managers to create short career bios about themselves for the purposes of sending to recruits during the pre-interview process. Doing so will make them more comfortable with both the idea of getting in front of the camera themselves as well as knowing a little more about who they’ll be interviewing with, allowing them to open up more and feel comfortable during what can otherwise be a stressful and anxious process.

8. Make Use of Video References

Don’t let the reference section be an afterthought on your application! Realistically, you want candidates that feel comfortable asking 2-3 people to be willing to get in front of a camera and speak on their behalf. The great candidates will have no problem doing so, and you’ll know once the references come in that you’re getting the top of the class.

9. Video Exit Interviews

Sometimes the hiring process has its flaws. Maybe something wasn’t detailed beforehand, or a candidate decided ultimately that the company or position wasn’t for them. Getting feedback is vital for constant improvement. A video exit interview allows candidates the chance to share on their experience, ultimately allowing you to shape the interview process for the better in the future.

10. Welcome Video from the CEO

What better way to make someone feel at home than by a welcome video from the head of the company? Whether you choose to deliver this at the offer or acceptance stage, it’s a surefire way to start the relationship off on a warm and friendly note.

Wow, ten different ways to use video for hiring and we still aren’t scratching the surface. This should get you started in thinking about how to strengthen your company’s core through the power of video and make this year your most successful yet!

Sean Gordon
Sean Gordon founded HIRENAMI to take recruiting challenges from painful, inefficient, and time consuming to quick and effective, for employees and employers. Sean has created new lines of business, reinvigorated stagnant company cultures, and mentored hundreds of employees who have gone on to do great things.


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