13 key elements to include in your healthcare career page

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A healthcare career page can be quite useful if your goal is to attract potential candidates to fill job openings. If you’re someone who’s in human resources or a related position in the healthcare industry, this guide will be able to help. It will feature the 13 key elements that you can include in a career page when tracking the right candidates in the healthcare field. Let’s get started.

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Create comprehensive job descriptions

With every job description, it needs to be clear and detailed. That’s why you want to highlight any key responsibilities, requirements, and expectations for the position that you want fulfilled. To make it easier to read, include bullet points to break down the most important information that people need to know.

For example, for those pursuing phlebotomy career options in NJ, you can include pertinent information about what a phlebotomist can do regularly – such as taking blood samples, analyzing the results, and referring the findings to the patient’s primary care physician.

Provide education and training opportunities

While education is important in healthcare, you can provide such opportunities to those interested in pursuing a career in the field. This can also include partnering up with local educational institutes that offer courses related to certain healthcare-related fields like phlebotomy, medical coding and billing, and so on.

Include employee testimonials

Employee testimonials will be one of the hallmarks of putting together a successful healthcare career page. This should feature testimonials from current employees so they will be able to provide accurate insights into the work culture and the overall experience in the organization you plan on working for.

Authentic stories can make things more appealing for potential candidates. This way, they expect what it would be like working for a healthcare organization.

Career pathways and growth opportunities

It is important to know that career paths and growth opportunities within your organization can be highlighted in their respective pages. When highlighting these opportunities to prospective job applicants, you should also mention the potential for opportunities for advancement, additional training, and development programs that can help them further their careers.

For example, someone who may be in phlebotomy may consider moving upwards in their career. So one example would be including suggested career pages for higher level positions. This can include nursing, medical assistant, or similar roles.

Utilizing multimedia elements

Using multimedia elements such as images, videos, and infographics can make your career page much more engaging. Such pages shouldn’t be 100% text. You want to create something immersive for your visitors by using multimedia elements that break up the wall of text. Particularly, you want these elements to show examples of a certain healthcare field that you’re looking to fulfill.

Include the company values and mission

It’s always a good idea for the healthcare organization’s values and mission to be emphasized accordingly. It should also be included in each healthcare career page that you create. You want your candidates to get a good idea of what the company culture looks like. It will give them an easier opportunity to decide whether or not it aligns with their own goals and values.

Make it easy to search and navigate

To ensure a better user experience, every career page needs to be easy to navigate. This should include features like a search bar or category filters that help them quickly find specific job openings.

For example, if someone is interested in becoming a medical assistant, they don’t need to go through hundreds of pages before finding the right one. Make sure your healthcare career pages have features that will make navigation easy so they can find a job opening or related content much faster.

Benefits and perks

One of the best things for anyone to have while working a promising and fulfilling career is the benefits and perks. In every career page, make sure you highlight these specific benefits and perks that employees are being offered.

This includes, but is not limited to: health insurance, retirement plans, and work arrangements that are flexible for them so they can achieve a good work/life balance. Remember, candidates should be aware of what to expect beyond performing the tasks they need to do and getting paid for it.

Define the application process

When it comes to the application process, you need to make sure that the instructions you provide are clear and easy to understand. If the application process requires someone to include specific documents or information be sure to state that. Finally, make sure that the application process itself is user-friendly and straightforward and not complex and time-consuming.

Use social media

Social media can be a very useful tool for those who want to post healthcare career opportunities. A lot of job seekers may find one through a social media post.

This way, you can also ask applicants where they have heard about the job opening somewhere in the application itself. If they mentioned they found it in social media, then you’ll know for sure that your campaign for promoting and eventually filling those job openings has been successful.

Industry specific information

When it comes to health care, you want to provide some kind of industry-specific information. In regards to not only the career options themselves but also the requirements that a prospective applicant needs to meet.

This could include information regarding state regulations, certifications, and similar elements. To ensure the safety of patients, some jobs may require you to be licensed to legally practice certain tasks safely and in compliance with certain regulations and guidelines.


Including the location may seem a bit self-explanatory. At the same time, this can also determine whether or not a prospective job applicant will be close enough to apply and commute to the job regularly should they be hired. If necessary, you could also include public transportation options for those who might need such options – especially if they have no vehicle of their own.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

It is important to address any common questions that candidates typically ask. It can include questions about your organization, the application process, or even the job itself. This will ensure a streamlined application process and give potential applicants a clear understanding of what the job they’re interested in may entail.

Final thoughts

These thirteen key elements should be included in your healthcare career page and for good reason. The pages should be rich in clear and easy-to-follow information for applicants. They should also give them a preview of what to expect should they get hired. Help prospective job applicants paint a certain picture that pertains to their ideal experience of a healthcare career.

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