3 smart ways to harness the power of media

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Public Relations

With so much content out there, it is easy to lose track of what is being said about your brand or your company. Keeping tabs on what others say about your business is one way to control the narrative. With the option of creating some of your content, you also take an active role in shaping perceptions and generating positive energy. With more and more clients and customers searching the internet on their devices, you want to make sure you make the best decisions for your company when it comes to having a robust presence in the media.

Streamline your media relations measurement

It is a big media world, with opportunities ranging from print, radio, television, social media and much more. Keeping tabs on this universe becomes much easier with a quality workflow automation strategy. This allows you to harness the solutions that work best for your brand while limiting the time needed to measure the success you are having. Of course, you want to be the first to know what is being said about your company in influential places. It is also critical that you quickly learn about media notices about your industry and your competitors. You also have the chance to establish a media database that shortens the time it takes to find media outlets that care about your story and that will provide exposure in positive ways.

A flat-fee newswire service is one solution to accomplish your goals. It allows you to control costs as you enjoy unlimited multimedia choices. With media intelligence services, you get customized media briefs as well as a simple-to-read report of coverages that mention your company or your industry. All of this gives your team more time to concentrate on your core business, while still keeping track of your media presence.

Contact the most influential outlets

While quantity is important, the quality of the media outlets matters, too. Some places just reach more of the people you want to connect with, whether it is just a numbers game or a more targeted approach. Understanding the most influential news media outlets can improve your company’s success parameters. A notice in one of these outlets provides a lot of exposure, but it is also important to reach your desired demographic. If you are looking for a younger crowd, you probably know that Facebook skews older than TikTok or Instagram, and new social media platforms show up regularly.

With a sophisticated media tracking company, you can not only accurately measure who is talking about you but also take a proactive role in making sure you do get noticed. For some companies, the best exposure comes in smaller trade magazines. These publications, whether in print or online, reach some of the most influential people in specific industries. In this case, being smaller does not mean being less powerful.

Turn the work over to experts

Even if your company excels in the media world, that doesn’t mean another devoted team can’t make life easier for you. With established solutions and innovative ways of harnessing the media world, working with a skilled team of media specialists can bring you unexpected results. This is true for a wide range of companies:

  • Public relations companies that wish to leverage newswire releases
  • In-house comms teams that wish to generate positive media publicity
  • Marketers who want to gain a competitive edge from media monitoring
  • Enterprise comms leaders who wish to gain insight from daily media briefs

The media is a powerful force in today’s world, and that is not going to change anytime soon. Therefore you need a plan that is savvy and that wisely utilizes your company resources.

Brett Clawson
Brett is a 43-year-old father of 2 boys with a degree in Business Management. In his free time, he enjoys learning about emerging business trends and writing about how to incorporate them into new and existing businesses.