4 benefits of combining online and offline marketing strategies

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Marketing, Public Relations

People are more connected than ever before thanks to the internet, yet there are still some business-to-business (B2B) companies that haven’t been able to find a balance between their offline and online marketing efforts. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that companies can integrate their offline marketing efforts with social media or a website in order to grow even more in this digital era.

Consistent branding

One of the most important elements of bridging the gap between offline and online marketing is utilizing consistent branding across both fields to create more cohesive marketing campaigns. This means that companies should be using the same logo, designs, fonts, colors, and styles across every marketing channel, both online and offline.

For example, a company’s website should have a similar appearance to the business cards, and postcards, flyers, or brochures should have a visual connection to the company’s headers across social media platforms. This way, companies will be able to create a more visual flow, which makes it easier for current and future customers to recognize brands, no matter where they come across the branding.

Digital information in print form

This effort is relatively simple, as one of the easiest ways that companies can combine their online and offline marketing strategies is by adding their digital information to their printed marketing materials. That means the company’s website should be on any business cards, postcards, or flyers, along with the company’s social media details.

As broker Eleonora Srugo notes, “These days, adding social media links to print is even easier, as companies can simply utilize QR codes. After customers scan the code with their smartphone, it will take them to a special website where they’ll be able to select which link to visit.”

Encouraging going offline

Although this might sound counterintuitive in the digital era, companies can also encourage their customers to go offline. This means businesses should give the customers a chance to schedule any appointments in-person, or via their website, social media, or even text message.

This way, consumers can enjoy some real, face-to-face interactions with companies while still reaping all of the digital marketing benefits at the same time.

Digital testimonials

Another way companies can merge their offline and online marketing efforts is by asking all customers—both offline and online—to write short testimonials about their positive experiences with the businesses. Word of mouth marketing efforts are incredibly powerful as an offline marketing strategy—however, this strategy can also be brought online.

Simply asking customers to write out a short review or testimonial, either on the company’s website, even via email, or in person can have plenty of benefits. These testimonials can be published on the business website under a special section or a different page, as well as on social media platforms. The testimonials can also help the company in promoting itself in a positive light using social proof.

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