4 clever ways to increase brand awareness

by | Nov 2, 2021 | Public Relations

Due to the tough competition between businesses, it’s essential to get your brand name out there to secure customers. This tactic, otherwise known as brand awareness, is the act of using techniques for consumers to identify and remember your brand and ultimately distinguish you from competitors. The aim of doing so is for customers to become familiar with your brand message and the products and services you offer and, of course, keep you front of mind when they need some of the items or services you sell.

Brand awareness is all about standing out from the crowd, and in this post, you’ll learn some of the best tips to help you do just that:

1. Guest blog on other websites

All businesses should have their own blog integrated within their website, but this content will only reach so far until you hit a brick wall and stop gaining new readers. With this in mind, you should be contemplating guest posting on other publications to build brand awareness and target new consumers who may never have come across your company before. By carrying out a quick search on Google, you are likely to find a whole range of websites that accept guests posts. Some may charge a fee, but many are happy to accept a free collaboration. Email each publication with a list of potential blog titles you are happy to cover and ensure you meet the guidelines.

2. Car decals

Is your business constantly on the road? If so, you should make the most of this time out of the office by branding your car with the company details. When sitting in traffic, there is not much for the driver to do other than looking ahead. If your vehicle is printed with branded detailing, it could remind the consumer behind of a job that needs doing – and your business could be the exact solution. You should consider using Custom Vehicle Decals if you’re constantly traveling from A to B to build awareness for your brand without having to make much of an effort.\

3. Improve SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective tools for widening the reach of online businesses and spreading positive words – vital for any PR campaign. The different techniques used help to get your content seen by a broader audience and ensure your website ranks higher in search engine results. Keywords are one of the most important tactics within SEO—these are typically the words that your customer base is searching for to find products and services from companies specializing in your field. They should be integrated within your website content, blog posts, and image descriptions to help search engines discover you much easier.

4. Start a referral program

When you have built a following of loyal customers, they ultimately become your best supporters for getting your brand name out there. However, it’s not always the case that they will do so without an incentive. A referral program is one way to encourage customers to recommend you to their social circles by offering a discount or free product every time one of their contacts shops with you. Ultimately, it’s a win-win for all involved.

Steve Conway
Steve Conway is a content marketing professional and inbound marketing expert. Previously, Steve worked as a marketing manager for a tech software start-up. He is passionate about discovering new software that will that will advance his already well-honed digital marketing techniques.