4 inventive ways video can be utilized in PR

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Public Relations

Video is fast becoming the top ways that people consume media. In the future, it is estimated that most content online will consist of a video in some form, and it is becoming a vital part of the marketing and PR strategy for many clients. It is vital to stay ahead of the curve, and the changes that happen every day across the industry can sometimes feel challenging to keep abreast of.

Video continues to play a part in a company’s digital marketing strategy. However, it is now also crucial to work this into PR efforts for maximum effect. Take a look at how video marketing can be utilized in public relations to keep consumers engaged.

Video adds another dimension to a brand’s personality

Most people think that companies are faceless entities. There is often the disconnection between consumer and organization, and this can cause issues on a customer loyalty and business transparency basis. Rather than reading a press release or statement from companies, videos can make urgent issues more personable. When people can see and feel what someone is saying, they are more likely to connect on a personal level. Using video to make company announcements can boost a public profile and show accessibility.

Real-time content creation

Although video takes time to film and edit, it appears to have a more real-time effect on the consumer. As video can also be shot on phones and non-technical cameras, it also makes the message more genuine and accessible to the average person. To speed up the proofing process, there are several software solutions such as Ziflow that can take the pressure from editing and releasing the video. Video also can transport people straight back to a moment in time, which is often more effective than press releases sitting on a company website.

Video makes explanation simpler

A part of public relations involves selling an idea or concept to the press to get adequate exposure. In some industries, using video can work more effectively than words on a page. For example, in the technology sector, explainer videos and educational films are a great way to engage the end-user. Visuals may be easier to understand, and complex topics simpler to explain in a visual format. These types of videos can also be used in other ways in a company while also supporting PR efforts.

Effective response capabilities

In times of PR and crisis management, it can be crucial to get a personalized message out quickly. Using video can support the personalization of this and make the announcement or statement more pivotal in the moment. There is still the requirement to proof and oversee the final output before you take it to the press. Yet, it can have a significant effect on how people perceive the company, and what they are prepared to face in the uncertain events.

Videos are a useful tool in PR. Why not consider how they could help your client and support the overall marketing message.

James Daniels
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