4 tips for running a PR campaign for your CBD company

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Public Relations

The CBD industry is big business. Many different companies continually crop up with their CBD-themed products, and this makes it difficult for established sellers to stay at the top.

If you are currently one of those established sellers, or you’re a newcomer to the world of CBD, it makes sense to run a PR campaign. If you get the campaign right, you will bring a lot of new eyes to your business.

A successful campaign, however, requires various elements. For assistance, here’s a quick guide that answers a few important questions about running a PR campaign for your CBD business:

Have a plan in place

Why are you running this PR campaign? What strategy will you use? What’s the overall goal? In general, a PR campaign will attempt to:

  • Grow your business
  • Build your brand
  • Improve customer awareness
  • Improve investor awareness

With such lofty goals, it’s important you have a solid plan in place. Ensure you take into consideration the types of marketing you plan to use, what you will promote about your business, and how to finance the PR campaign.

Secure funding for your PR campaign

Due to CBD oil falling into a grey area, traditional financing options—such as a bank—are typically not available for this business type. With that said, there are still methods available out there to fund your PR campaign.

Of course, the easiest is to use your own personal funds. Yet this isn’t a viable option for most, especially if they want to get their PR campaign up and running right away. This is where a company like Limitless Payment Solutions becomes essential. They are specialists in supporting high risk businesses, and they will be able to supply a cash advance so you can get going with your PR efforts.

Choose your marketing options

When you have the money and a message to spread, it’s time to decide what channels you will use to get the word out. Thankfully, there are many different choices available.

  • Leading publications: CBD is a big talking point right now. If you have something informative or new to say about it, leading publications will be happy to share your content to their readers.
  • CBD-specific publications: The reach won’t be as big as using major publications, obviously. Yet if you use CBD-specific outlets, you’re guaranteed to have your company seen by people who are fully invested in what you have to say.
  • Blogs: It might seem like a step back from the previous two options, but getting your content published on relevant blogs can supply significant reach for your brand.
  • Podcasts: In a similar way to CBD, podcasts are big business right now. Due to the fact that so many people are listening to podcasts, it makes sense to target this avenue for your company’s promotional efforts.
  • Social media: It’s one of the most effective methods for marketing, so it makes sense to add social media as one of your PR channels. This is effective for spreading news that only affects your employees and clients.

Avoid false claims

CBD products have several health benefits for its users—but the substance isn’t a cure. When promoting your products, it’s essential you avoid overselling what CBD can do. If you start making false claims, this could lead to negative reviews and bad press.

When marketing, focus on the proven advantages of CBD. Inform potential customers about the CBD line you feature—with the likes of in-depth product descriptions, press releases, and blog posts—and how they could profit from using them.

James Daniels
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