4 ways to leverage broadcast experts to position your brand

by | Apr 13, 2022 | Analysis, Public Relations

Broadcast experts can be media personalities or influencers. Tier one morning and afternoon shows turn to broadcast experts for their insights on topics ranging from the top tech products to the top toys for the season.

With the media landscape changing, it has become harder to pitch segment producers editorial opportunities featuring your brand. However, partnering with broadcast experts with relationships with show producers in major markets are the best way for brands to raise awareness about its new or priority products.

Here are some ways brands can work with broadcast experts to meet their awareness and engagement objectives.

1. Partner with broadcast experts doing media tours during key moments

Did your brand in the retail space launch a new product? Consider partnering with a broadcast expert doing media tours during notable key moments such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Holiday’s or Valentine’s Day to keep your new product top of mind.

Leveraging notable moments are a great way to position your new product as a must have gift. Partnering with broadcast experts doing media tours during key moments will allow you to amplify the key messages around your new product in front of audiences who will see its value.

2. Partner with a broadcast expert on a tier one morning show

Is your brand in the toy or tech space? Consider partnering with a toy or a tech expert on a tier one morning show.

Some morning shows have their go to experts when discussing key trends or must haves for the season. Partnerships with these experts usually involves a small fee which is much cheaper than the fee for a whole sponsored segment. The return on investment for the partnership is really great, since your brands product featured on a tier one morning show will get syndicated in numerous other local morning shows within the broadcast network.

3. Partner with influencers doing media tours

Does your brand want to keep its products top of mind? Consider partnering with an influencer doing media tours.

Some influencers do national media tours on morning shows. Brands looking to partner with influencers for these media tours will need to pay. However, the ROI is great since your brand will be able to meet its awareness and engagement objective in its priority markets.

4. Partner with influencers who have broadcast connections

Does your brand want to raise awareness about its priority products in its key markets? Consider partnering with an influencer with broadcast connections at tier one morning or afternoon shows.

Some influencers have good relationships with morning and afternoon segment producers. These could sometimes be on shows in major markets which are extremely hard to pitch for editorial opportunities. Partnering with influencers with existing relationships with top show producers will help your brand in meetings its awareness and engagement objectives.

Samiha Fariha
Samiha Fariha is a Senior Consultant in the Brand Marketing Practice at FleishmanHillard HighRoad, where she works to help provide communications counsel to wide variety of clients in financial services, optical retail, home devices and appliances. Follow Samiha on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.