4 ways you can use content marketing to build brand loyalty

by | May 24, 2023 | Marketing, Public Relations

Content has become the holy grail, with over 82 percent of marketing managers actively investing in content marketing strategies. No matter the niche or size of your business, your target audience is much more likely to trust in your brand if you churn out meaningful qualitative content. Here’s a graph of some of the content marketing types trusted by people across the globe.

4 ways you can use content marketing to build brand loyalty


However, most (>29 percent) of marketers engage in these powerful content marketing techniques to boost sales or conversions. While that’s one way to increase your bottom line, it’s about time you started curating tailor-made campaigns for your existing customers. After all, repeat customers spend an average of 67 percent more than any new customer.

Still wondering why you need to use content marketing to build brand loyalty? Here are a few solid reasons that should tip the scale effectively:

Email marketing boosts retentions rates

According to recent data, 80 percent of retailers identify emails as the primary tool for maximum customer retention. Sending regular loyalty emails, such as point balance statements or “reward available” notifications, to encourage customers to return to your brand. These gestures encourage future purchases and may even entice wary customers. Start by checking your email list, whether it consists of accurate, up-to-date email addresses- you do that with the help of an email lookup tool.

Members of your redeemable loyalty program are a high-value customer category. Customers that participate in loyalty programs via rewards and incentives are likely to spend more. 

Use on-brand loyalty emails to stay in touch with your customers and remind them of your company’s values. Customers will return to your store and make additional purchases, selecting you over the competition.

Trust is essential in the loyalty game, and recommendations are an excellent method to develop a loyal customer group. According to research, 92 percent of customers trust referrals from friends and family above all else.

Matt Magnante, Director of Content and SEO at Fitness Volt says, “Increasing advocacy and acquisition by using your loyalty emails can prove to be beneficial in improving your bottom-line sales.  Encourage clients to suggest friends by sending them unique URLs via email. This is an excellent technique to persuade your current clients to become ambassadors for you. 

Informative blogs solve customers’ problems

What is the relationship between a lengthy well-researched blog and brand loyalty? More than you could ever imagine. 62 percent of millennials believe that online content influences their brand loyalty.

If that doesn’t persuade you, I’m not sure what will.

You may not have the resources of the world’s largest businesses, but you may still publish content. Begin right now. Don’t put it off any longer.

There is no better method to position your company or brand as an expert in your sector than through an informative blog. A blog allows you to share critical ideas and industry-related information.

Mark Valderrama, CEO and founder of popular Aquatics e-store Aquarium Store Depot, recommends, “When you establish authority in your niche, it fosters trust and awareness among users, which eventually keeps you top-of-mind when your prospects are ready to buy, increasing conversion rates.

Social media marketing eases the post-purchase experience

Social media has become an essential part of every person’s life. Approximately 74 percent of the world’s population is predicted to have at least one active social media account by the year 2027.

4 ways you can use content marketing to build brand loyalty


Every customer connection provides you with the opportunity to add to any existing loyalty, extending purchasers’ devotion to your brand. Social media platforms provide several chances for individuals to interact with your company beyond their purchases, the majority of which are free and require no work on their behalf.

This low buy-in makes it simple to establish a consumer relationship, as each step not only supports your marketing efforts but also encourages additional involvement. When someone chooses to follow your brand’s account, it not only demonstrates their present degree of dedication but also makes it easier to get your future material in front of their eyes.

Bruce Mohr, financial advisor at Fair Credit suggest, “Content marketing through social media also helps you to converse with present and prospective customers. You can market the worth of your products in front of hundreds or thousands of other potential clients this way.

Long-form content builds authority and trust

Why should consumers swear their loyalty to you when there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other businesses, offering the same products and services as you? What makes you so unique?

If you have authority, your clients will follow you because of your brand image, sound expertise, and involvement in the community. If you play your cards well, just as some people identify as an “iPhone person” or a “PlayStation person,” they may identify as avid advocates of your brand if you play your cards right.

Presenting yourself as a competent and academic source of information through shareable content like videos, eBooks, and case studies is the simplest method to acquire authority in your business. You may boost customer trust in your business by sharing your extensive knowledge on topics connected to your niche. Additionally, your brand will gain from media coverage, backlinks, and recommendations.

Kenny Kline, president and financial lead at BarBend, a sports and fitness content outlet adds, “You can easily explore case studies, polls, and other long-form content to demonstrate your distinct perspective on a topic. Furthermore, they will attest to the usefulness and worth of your products and services.

4 ways you can use content marketing to build brand loyalty


Wrapping up

Whatever strategy you take to brand loyalty in today’s marketing arena, keep in mind that the content your business develops has a greater impact than it may appear at first look. A solid marketing plan establishes the foundation for long-term client loyalty and advocacy. 

But here’s the thing: just developing your own branded content isn’t enough. With so many resources available online, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out and get recognized by potential clients. 

You need a robust content marketing strategy that involves PR activities to get your material (and, ultimately, your brand) in front of the proper people. 

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