5 critical tips for improving your client’s company image

by | May 17, 2019 | Public Relations

The importance of company image from a PR point of view cannot be overlooked. While it is true that your client needs to offer high-quality products/services that are good value for money, a brand will also need to be seen favorably by their target audience in order to succeed.

Modern-day consumers will only shop with businesses that they deem to be trustworthy and likable, but this can be hard to develop. Additionally, it can be challenging to change how a company is perceived as a brand, so it’s important to know how to create a positive company image from the start. Read on for a few tips.

Humanize the brand

Consumers like to feel that they are dealing with people, not a faceless corporation. This means that you need to find a few ways to humanize your brand, which can help to build a connection with your target audience. This could include:

  • Employee profiles on the company website
  • Video interviews with key figures
  • Sharing the company story
  • Introducing yourself when communicating
  • Hosting company events

Express company values

In today’s society, there are many issues at the forefront which can influence how people feel and behave. It can be a smart move for a business to support movements that are in line with their company values, but keep in mind that a business should never show support for anything which could be offensive or divisive. A few examples of social movements to stand for include:

Create a healthy company culture

It is hard to create a positive company image when you are working with a business with disgruntled employees, especially in the social media age where business operations are much more transparent. Creating a healthy company culture will portray a positive image of the business to the outside world while also creating an enjoyable working atmosphere that everyone can benefit from.

Master digital marketing skills

In the internet-driven age, a brand must be highly visible online in order to succeed. Not only does this direct more traffic to a company site and increase the chance of sales, but it also boosts a brand’s reputation, as those that appear near the top of SERPs are deemed authoritative sources. It can be hard to climb through the ranks, but an established digital marketing agency that has a clear understanding of the basics of SEO will be able to deliver the best results.

Use social media correctly

Leading on from this, social media proves a platform for modern-day businesses to present their brand to the world. This can make it a great tool for improving company image, but it can also be dangerous when used incorrectly. A few tips include:

  • Posting informative and engaging content
  • Interacting with your target audience
  • Using non-controversial humor
  • Avoiding spam
  • Reinforcing company values

This information should help a business to improve their company image which, in turn, should lead to greater success. Consumers will only use a business that is deemed positive and trustworthy, so it is always important to take steps to ensure that you help your clients to build a positive reputation for the outside world.

James Daniels
James Daniels is a freelance writer, business enthusiast, a bit of a tech buff, and an overall geek. He is also an avid reader, who can while away hours reading and knowing about the latest gadgets and tech, whilst offering views and opinions on these topics.


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