5 guidelines marketers need to explore in 2019

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It can get increasingly difficult for marketers to find new ways to help their business overcome obstacles and reach or remain at the top of the game. Different rules apply for different industries, as well as diverse types and sizes of businesses. While the best solution that one can offer is to gather as much information as possible, only by possessing the rightinformation and monitoring current trends in the world of marketing can one hope to stay ahead of the competition.

Marketing the products and services that your company offers can be quite challenging when you have a constrained budget. Be it email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, pricing plans, branding strategies or long-term planning—it all demands time and money. So, what can smaller and medium-sized companies do to ensure marketing success?

5 guidelines marketers need to explore in 2019

Get ready to take notes on the best advice for marketers in 2019

An effective marketing strategy is what it takes your business to succeed. And to help you get a head start on this endeavor, we offer you the following five pieces of best advice for marketers in 2019:

1. Start by focusing on the most powerful advertising channels

With the plethora of advertising channels that you can use to promote a business, it’s a waste to try to use them all—a waste of time, effort and finances. It’s the typical story of greed—try to cover everything and you are more likely to end up with nothing to show for it.

Instead, why not try out different campaigns and target audiences? One of the best tips for marketers in 2019 (and any other time for that matter) is to experiment with different campaigns. But the success only comes after—when you need to pick the right channel for advertising your business.

2. Build customer relationships through email marketing

Much to your surprise, email marketing is to this day the most effective and popular marketing channel. So much so that more than 83% of people prefer emails from brands they trust. It’s a proven way to convert website visitors into paying customers. And in order to accomplish that, you first need to have the right tools for the job. Like movers who use new CRM solutions to organize their business and lead generation & conversion, you need to do the same, starting with your emails.

5 guidelines marketers need to explore in 2019

Take control of your email marketing efforts in 2019

You first need to collect all relevant emails, and the way to accomplish this is through web scraping. Once you’ve gathered enough target emails and expanded your network of potential leads, you’ll want to start building a relationship with them. Use purposeful email marketing efforts to further your goals. There are plenty of paths to take here, the most popular being:

  • Welcome emails (for new subscribers)
  • Educational content
  • Emails offering discounts
  • New product introductions
  • Re-engagement campaigns

One of the best ways to strengthen your brand and get your message through is by segmenting your email lists and automate your email campaigning. Run triggered campaigns based on specific events and audiences.

3. Promote the quality content that you have at your disposal

The content you create is among the best ways to promote your business and help it grow. Whether you are looking to impress search engines and boost your SEO efforts or to impress your website visitors with useful and quality information, content is the way to accomplish that. And once you have quality content that holds the attention of others, why not promote it to further your marketing goals?

5 guidelines marketers need to explore in 2019

Content is King. There is a reason why this message remains true to this day.

After all, this is just another prime example of efficient weapons in the arsenal of marketers. Take into consideration the fact that last year’s searches generated more referral traffic than social media. That should give you an idea of just how powerful your content can be in terms of bringing in traffic.

4. Tell a unique brand story

Everyone loves a good origin story. It drives us to build trust and strong relationships with brands and individuals. And it is the fuel that can power most startup companies that develop into organized businesses. So, one of the best advice for marketers in 2019 is to focus your efforts on building a strong foundation for your brand. Once you manage to do that, you will have the potential to accomplish anything. However, this is much easier said than done.

5 guidelines marketers need to explore in 2019

“Our job is not to create content. Our job is to change the world of the people who consume it.” – Andrea Fryrear

Here are three practical tips to help you get started on that idea:

  • Know your audience and their content preferences.
  • Make your content educational and entertaining.
  • Ideate content by looking out for industry trends.

A unique style that lends a voice to your brand will help your business to stand out. It will lead you to the door of content marketing success.

5. Create video updates and explainer videos

Visual content and aids have always been popular, the only difference being in the form they come in. As current trends would have, people are more into short helpful videos than ever before. In fact, according to the most recent Google conference in 2019, 6-second videos are trending and outclassing videos that go up to and beyond the 30 second barrier.

So, it is only logical for marketers to start thinking ahead and investing their budget into short-burst promotional videos for their company. But remember to choose your words carefully. After all, you are limited in time to provide video content that will not only impress but also convert viewers.

Video content is born out of emotions and that’s what the audience wants to consume. As long as you remember this and use it to your advantage, you should be just fine.

If we were to summarize everything we noted here, it would come down to the creation and promotion of content. As the basis of your marketing efforts, content is the fuel that will drive your lead generation and conversion. And as such, you need to make sure that it is good enough to catch the attention of others and sink deep into their subconscious.

After all, content is the voice of your brand, and it is ultimately the best resource you have at your disposal. Combine that with persistence and creativity, and you should have no trouble achieving any goal you set your mind to.

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