5 public relations tips for health and fitness products

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Public Relations

It can seem like every other day there is a new health or fitness product in the news either being launched or being rocked with scandal. Navigating the market as a health and fitness brand can be challenging, and knowing how to keep your public relations on point can keep you from bad press while you grow your brand and sell products to loyal customers.

Know the difference between PR and marketing

Public relations, marketing and advertising are usually grouped together because they can inform each other and often work in tandem. These separate strategies use slightly different techniques and have different purposes. For instance, PR is not focusing on selling products or services, but rather keeping your brand associated with positivity and authority. Your public image will affect how well your marketing campaigns are received by your audience and help establish you as an expert in your industry. Health and fitness brands can benefit from using social media, events and local media to improve public relations such as the posts made by Unify Health on Facebook, they are a great example of how to use social media marketing.

Partner with an event planner

Events can make all the difference when it comes to PR and having a planner help put one on can keep the experience positive and less stressful. An event planner can help make sure you are bringing fun to your audience as well as the right educational opportunities they are looking for in terms of health. You can even sponsor local events such as public health and fitness expos, child safety fairs or art shows to gain positive PR for helping the community.

Start small with social media

The biggest key to using social media as positive PR is to start small. It is better to be fully engaged on one platform than barely engaged on all of them. Once you have mastered organic posting and audience engagement on Facebook, for example, you can branch out to an Instagram page and Pinterest account for more opportunities. Mastering each platform requires different types of posts as well as taking advantage of the resources each one offers. Working with influencers in health and fitness on various platforms can also add to your PR, but it is important to research them and find the best fit for your brand.

Get in local media as an authority

One of the best ways to generate positive PR for your brand is to get established as an authority in your industry on a related subject. You can reach out to local media writers who have previously written about fitness and health topics, write personalized emails to each one letting them know that you would like to be featured in their publication and relate your business to stories that they have written in the past. You can even find online forums for writers seeking sources and offer your time to help with their stories. This can get you on the evening news, in national publications and set you up as an expert on topics relating to your company.

Connect through personal communications

Whether you connect to your audience online or in person, having personal communications with clients can help generate positive feelings towards you and your brand. Take an interest in loyal customers and practice active listening when communicating. Send out email newsletters with personal stories and create blog posts which are informational more often than you write marketing posts. This lets your customers see you as a person instead of just a brand and generate better PR.

Getting the right PR for your company can be a full-time job but incorporating this aspect into your daily routine and marketing campaigns can help grow your brand and your audience. You can use social media, personal communications and even news stories to generate positive PR. You can even sponsor events in the community and focus on your audience as much as you do marketing to them.

Brett Clawson
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