5 reasons your brand or client should work with influencers

by | May 28, 2021 | Analysis, Public Relations

Apart from their millions of followers on social media channels, brand endorsements, and large fanbases, influencers are exactly like everyone else. A social media influencer is a person who creates content on their various social media channels, which establishes credibility in a specific niche. Here’s how your brand or client can benefit from influencer campaigns:

1. Increase the brand’s scope

For brands, the right influencer can expand the brand’s reach to thousands, or even millions depending on the influencer, and the followers and fans of that influencer. Because they are “ordinary people,” influencers are more relatable to consumers than celebrities. Fans of influencers often see themselves represented by the influencers they follow and will be receptive to the marketing of services or products that the influencer promotes.

2. Ad blockers on internet browsers make ads ineffective

As marketer Alexei Orlov of MTM notes, “Influencers need to be transparent when paid to promote a product or service from a brand. However, their posts about these services and products are uploaded to their feed as a post. So ad blockers will not work because these influencer advertisements are part of the social media channel’s feed. When consumers are scrolling on their phones, these marketed posts are less likely to be ignored because they are part of the influencer’s regular content production.”

3. Brands do not have to be large to hire an influencer

Brands do not have to be large corporations to work with influencers.  Many smaller brands such as sugar bear hair became more prominent and successful because of influencers promoting their products. A 2019 poll from Oberlo found that 93 percent of marketers used influencer marketing. A 2020 report from influencerhub.com found that every dollar invested in influencer promotion earned $18.

While rates for influencers vary, smaller brands may not have the funds to work with the most prominent influencers on specific platforms. Smaller influencers who are establishing a loyal fanbase want to work with brands.

4. Engagement with consumers comes with the influencer

Because many influencers demonstrate the products they use, consumers feel like they can trust the brands promoted to them and shown in action on social media. Influencers can build a unique relationship with their fans by replying to their comments and directly engaging with them on social media. Many social media consumers feel like they are “supporting” their favorite influencers and content creators by using their online discount codes and by purchasing products that these influencers promote to them.

5. Established target audience

Building a loyal consumer base is made more accessible when working with influencers who are experts in specific niches. These influencers already have their brand established and look for companies to collaborate with that align with their brand.

Influencers have an extensive reach and solid fan bases that trust them and their recommendations. For brands looking to promote their products and services, having influencers endorsing them can increase engagement and sales. Influencers are experts in promoting themselves as trusted sources of information. Receiving an endorsement from an influencer means establishing credibility and trust with a loyal internet following.

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Ronn Torossian
Ronn Torossian is the Founder and Chairman of 5W Public Relations: 5WPR is one of the 20 largest PR Firms in the United States.


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