5 skills every social media manager should possess

by | Feb 17, 2023 | Public Relations

Today, digital marketing has advanced significantly, and virtually every business must have an online presence to expand its reach and increase its visibility. Although some brands prefer to do this in-house, it’s also common for companies to hire professionals to manage their social media content and strategy, which allows them to reach long-term modern goals.

Here we discuss the role of the social media manager in brand success—and offer a list of 5 essential social media manager skills. Let’s get started to see why having a social media expert is so important for any company.

Social media manager: Your digital voice

A decade ago, it would have been hard to imagine that this type of job would become a popular career option. Who would pay for random content to be posted on these social media platforms that we primarily consider entertainment only? It is now, however, one of the most highly-sought-after, rewarding, and promising professions. The amount you earn depends on your experience and level. LinkedIn alone could have more than 4000 job openings. This is why it is so important to have an expert in-house or an outsourced team to manage your social media accounts efficiently.

5 skills every social media manager should possess

Your social media manager is the digital voice of your company, brand, or organization, given the phenomenal growth in social media over the last decade. This person takes the following responsibilities:

  • Represents your business online through interaction with clients via comments and messages, and answering their questions if necessary
  • Consistently posting engaging content with great visual aesthetics that not only catch the attention of potential clients but also educates and entertains them.
  • Keeps up with the latest trends and monitors any algorithm changes in the dynamic social media landscape.
  • Boosts your social media engagement by increasing likes, comments and subscribers.
  • Plays a role in digital marketing to help you increase sales, handle PR, and provide customer service.

Let’s now discuss the job description for a social media manager:

1. Relevant experience and knowledge

Although some people may not agree that social media managers need to have any formal qualifications or knowledge, it’s strongly recommended that they receive professional training and have relevant experience in this area. You don’t want your reputation to be at risk by hiring someone who isn’t a regular blogger and has many followers. It is important to realize that managing a business website is different from managing one. Only a skilled professional can fully understand digital marketing and its metrics, search engine optimization and marketing, user nurturing, web analytics, and other aspects. Only a specialist can truly help you accelerate your brand’s growth.

2. Strong interpersonal skills

Good communication is the most valuable skill, and also the key to success digitally and internally. Your brand communicates with the outside world through social media. It is essential for social media managers to offer audiences ideas and campaigns that build an engaging online presence. And like all managers, the person in this role should also be proficient in internal communications.

3. A keen eye for aesthetics

Posting something online used to be as simple as writing it down. These days, posts need to be visually appealing with video and eye-catching images. Social media managers must be able to create the type of striking visuals that enhance your brand’s image.

4. A knack for writing

Visuals and graphics are now considered superior to the written word, but strong writing is still the heart of communication. Copywriting is an essential skill for marketing success. Your manager must be able create captivating captions, catchy tweets, and stunning headings that grab users’ attention and encourage them to click more!

5. Strong creativity

If all you got was repetitive and monotonous content, would you follow any Instagram or Facebook page? No, right? This also applies to your business—if your content isn’t original, creative and engaging, you won’t cut through the noise on social platforms. It’s smart to hire someone who can bring in creative ways to accomplish this. Their ability to brainstorm new ideas and create unique campaigns is essential to keeping audiences engaged. Social media managers must be great storytellers and use humor as a tool to ensure your audience enjoys your content.


It’s essential to have a professional who can manage digital marketing, PR, track progress, and develop social strategies. With new algorithms and features in social media, it has become imperative. These professionals can provide significant long-term benefits, such as promoting your brand, boosting sales and connecting with audiences. Your brand’s image and visibility will be greatly affected if your social media content and strategy lacks these qualities.

It can be difficult to find the right social media manager. B2B companies like Expand my business can help with content marketing, video production, influencer marketing and other digital marketing needs. These types of firms with extensive networks of partner agencies and end-to-end delivery management can help you understand your business’s digital marketing requirements and budget.

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