3 tactical ways to grow your brand’s social media following

by | Dec 14, 2022 | Public Relations

Having a social media brand is like an extension of your website. You need one to help you engage with more people who may not be aware of your web presence. There are different tactics to help you expand your social media network. Here are some ways to help you grow your following:

Respond more to your audience

One of the best social media marketing tactics is to be more interactive with your audience. When you post something, you might want to write a question. You can have an image with a question asking for advice.

Your audience can say something in the comment section. Reply right there on the spot and create some dialogue. The more comments and engagement on a particular subject, the more eyes will get onto the post.

Also, you can listen to any suggestions they have to offer. When you’re more receptive to their feedback, it can help you find out what areas you lack. You can begin to include more things they enjoy, which shows you take their criticism seriously.

Knowing what your audience wants keeps them there for the long term.

Create more visual content

There’s nothing like having some visually dynamic content on your social media page. You can develop high-quality videos to help increase the shares, likes, and comments. People love visual content, from the trailer for your independent movie to sharp pictures of your new recipes.

It helps break up the lengthy paragraphs and gives you some much-needed color and sound. People are more willing to share an intriguing video or picture than a wordy post. When you have more eyes on your dynamic post, it can increase your followers and leads.

Eventually, this may attract people to your website to get more sales.

Hold contests

Social networking can help add more creativity into the mix. You can hold a contest to make things interesting. It’ll break up your everyday content to keep your brand intriguing.

You can post a picture and have someone answer a question in the comment section. The first three people who get it right can get a prize. Also, you can have a contest to build your following by letting each participant tag and follow your page.

It increases engagement and can help you build followers more organically. Show some love to your top followers by giving them an exclusive package. Find the ideal tactics to help you continue your social media growth.

Margie Heaneythe
Margie Heaneythe has been helping people get more social media followers for their personal and brand accounts since 2013 and loves sharing her knowledge with others on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube marketing strategies.


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