5 solid tips for promoting a podcast through Instagram

by | Aug 15, 2019 | Analysis, Public Relations

If you’re a business owner using podcasts and videos in your content marketing strategy, you should be using Instagram to promote your show. When it comes to a return on investment and online engagement, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms available (for the time being, at least).

More than half of Instagram users say they use the platform daily, while more than one-third of them say they check in with the platform several times each day. Accordingly, Instagram is the key to building your online community and reaching new audiences.

Here’s how to best utilize the platform:

Use Instagram Stories

Stories are still a relatively new feature on Instagram but remain a great marketing tool. Stories allow you to engage with your communities by showcasing interesting and fresh content, before disappearing after 24 hours. Instagram Stories have even more use to podcasters once you have at least 10,000 followers; once you’ve reached this milestone, you can send your audience straight to the audio file via a link.

Insert your episode link in the bio

This advice is applicable to all marketers, including podcasters. Because Instagram doesn’t function like Facebook or Twitter, the only place you can share a link is in your bio. In fact, your bio is a critical section of your account: here is where you describe who are, and what you do. It is also the first thing potential fans and followers will notice when they land on your page.

Announce the podcast’s guests

Podcasts that feature interviews with influential individuals and professionals from specific industries are highly valued, and growing in popularity amongst fans and listeners. You can use Instagram to announce these interviews through specifically targeted posts. You can use photos of the interviewed persons, tag their Instagram profile, and use hashtags to target specific topics of interest.

Create your own podcast hashtag

Another great way of promoting your business, website or podcast through Instagram is through the use of hashtags. Creating your own podcast hashtag allows you to promote your own posts. In the beginning, there will be no one following your topics, but once you start getting more attention, having a unique hashtag will certainly come in handy.

Create a video using Anchor.fm

Finally, another great way to promote your posts and podcasts is through video posts. There are many marketers who use this option as part of their marketing strategy because it is downright effective. Users of Instagram love the visual imagery the platform offers, and a video clip may be the key to getting them interested in your podcast.

Anchor.fm is a popular service that allows podcasters to broadcast audio right from their mobile phones. You can also take audio segments of your podcast and turn them into short videos featuring word-by-word transcription. These are great content options for social media.

Just because your podcast is an audio-based project doesn’t mean you should neglect your capacity for visual creativity. Start using Instagram to promote your podcast, and you’re guaranteed to find whole worlds of new users.

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