5 sustained PR tips for law professionals

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Public Relations

No matter what type of profession you happen to be in, PR is extremely important. It helps manage your reputation as well as mold the public’s perception of you. This is essential if you have any intentions of building a strong brand and want to increase the chances of longevity and positive growth.

If you’re a lawyer or own a law firm especially, in order to build your client base gradually, you need to put a good image in front of your target market. In case you need some PR tips as a law professional, here are a few that you could adopt below.

1. Improve your key messages

The first step in improving your PR as a law professional would be to improve your key messages. To do this, think about what your brand represents and how you want people to see you. Your messaging should always clarify your companies’ key strengths as well as uniqueness and should be backed by supporting information. These themes should then emanate throughout all of your media publications whether press releases or social media.

2. Optimize your website

A few decades ago, websites were something that was optional to brands, but in this present day and age, they’re a necessity. This is because the digital world has become intertwined with people’s everyday lives, so to remain relevant, you should have a home online.

Not only does a functioning website help create an online presence, but it also gives people a place to find a plethora of information about you or your firm. If you don’t have a website, look for professionals that develop websites for lawyers and see if they can help you build something professional and optimize it for the web so that you have greater visibility.

3. Target your audience appropriately

If you want your PR to be effective and make an impact as a law professional, then you must know who your audience is. To find your target audience, look at your current customer base and figure out why they buy from you. Also, look at your competitors and see who their target audience is, as this could help you identify yours as well. Once you know who your audience, then you know the best outlets to target them on as you’ll read more about below.

4. Choose the right media outlets

As mentioned above, you’ve got to know your target audience in order to know what platforms to target for your PR activities. For instance, if you know that most of your audience is likely to be magazine readers, targeting your local Sunday paper may not make much sense. When creating a media list, think about timing, your angle, and your message. You should then pick the most relevant media outlets for all three.

5. Be persistent

It isn’t always easy to get your stories published on your desired outlets. However, persistence wins the battle in such cases. A top PR tip would, therefore, be to not give up even if you don’t get your desired response the first time around. Assess your approach and see if there’s anything you could improve such as your pitch or the PR statement itself.

Steve Conway
Steve Conway is a content marketing professional and inbound marketing expert. Previously, Steve worked as a marketing manager for a tech software start-up. He is passionate about discovering new software that will that will advance his already well-honed digital marketing techniques.