5 tips to leverage Facebook Live for your brand

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Analysis, Public Relations

Since its 2016 debut, Facebook Live has proven to be a valuable and innovative tool for media companies and brands to get their message out.

Facebook now states that Live videos account for 20 percent of all videos on the platform, and Google Trends finds that it’s search popularity has risen over 330 percent since Facebook Live’s rollout. So how can you effectively utilize FB Live for your brand?

Here are some essential tips to harness the true power and reach that only Facebook can offer.

Schedule it

  • Pre-scheduling a post allows followers to view and click the invite. This will ensure they will receive personal reminders of the session before going live.
  • Facebook Live sessions can be scheduled up to 7 days in advance, giving time to reach your audience and build a buzz!
  • Go live when you say you will. Attention spans are short and people will not wait for you to get your act together. Rehearse and be prompt.

Promote it

  • If you build it, they will come, right? Not so much if you’re not promoting your Facebook Live session. Promote your event with custom graphics and invitations.
  • Your desired audience doesn’t only exist in the world of Facebook, so promote across multiple social networks with custom graphics and invites designed for each platform.

5 tips to leverage Facebook Live for your brand

Be descriptive

  • The goal is to get people interested in your event, so be sure to come up with a brief but buzzworthy description that will make your Facebook Live event a must see.
  • If your Facebook Live session includes a celebrity spokesperson, drop their name!

Update it

  • After your event is no longer live, change the description of the event to highlight key points made in video.
  • The Facebook Live algorithm prioritizes archived live videos, so even if you do not have many live views, your audience will find the video eventually.
  • Live and archived Live videos are three times as likely to be shown in the News Feed versus static content.

Enhance the production quality

  • Poor production value will turn viewers off almost immediately. Do not rely on a shaky handheld phone with poor audio quality to capture your client’s message.
  • Professional cameras, lighting, audio, and streaming equipment can go a long way in properly conveying your brand’s message and keeping an audience engaged.
  • Do not be afraid to have fun! Collaborate within and beyond your team to come up with creative and engaging concepts that will inspire viewers to interact with comments while still staying true to your brand.

This article originally appeared on the MultiVu blog; reprinted with permission.

Dan Conboy
Dan Conboy oversees the operations and special live event projects. He has 17 years of experience with video production, broadcast operations, live events, satellite media tours, and multimedia technology. His team handles MultiVu's video processing and transcoding. Dan also helps manage several special video events and live social media video streaming and technology.