6 unconventional growth hacks for breaking crypto PR marketing plateaus

by | Jun 13, 2024 | Marketing, Public Relations

If you’re marketing a crypto project, you know how difficult it can be to keep up momentum. The space moves incredibly fast, attention spans are fleeting, and there’s always some new coin or token vying for the spotlight (or maybe some scandal stealing the headlines).

Due to all of this, it’s easy to hit plateaus where you feel stuck, unable to reach new audiences or make an impact. When you’ve tried all the usual social media and content marketing tricks, what’s left?

That’s when you need to get creative and think outside the box. We are talking growth hacks – unconventional, innovative tactics to inject new life into your marketing. They range from scrappy to experimental, but have potential to pay off big—and the good news is that most of them won’t cost you an arm and leg to implement either. 

With this in mind, we have compiled some unorthodox ideas to break through barriers and get your crypto’s name buzzing again. Be bold, take calculated risks, and most importantly, track everything so you know what works.

crypto marketing


Launch a crypto press release

Press releases are an old PR standby—but with a crypto spin, they can garner serious traction. The key is having news that reporters actually want to cover. Did a big name just join your advisory board? Is your project launching an unusual partnership or initiative? Frame it compellingly for journalists so they will be more inclined to pick it up, 

For best results, it’s best to use a crypto press release distribution service to disseminate your announcement to thousands of news outlets and journalists. Some of them may bite, giving you access to large, reputable audiences. As your release gets syndicated, it builds credibility and awareness – and that’s the exact thing you need to find success in this space. 

Sponsor a top podcast

Podcast sponsorship is all about subtle influence. By sponsoring a top podcast in your niche, you get to craft narrative ads that organically weave your project into the host’s conversation. Listeners let their guard down more with this soft-sell approach.

Do your research to find podcasts with engaged crypto audiences. Be relevant – if you have a gaming coin, sponsor gaming podcasts. Match the vibe too; an edgy show may embrace risky projects more – and so will their listeners. Follow response rates to know what content and hosts drive the most interest.

Launch an unusual contest

Most contests that you see normally aim to reward social shares, but you can try something more creative. Offer prizes for the best original music or memes featuring your crypto. You could even have fans vote for their favorites. This engages people in a fun way beyond mindless shilling.

You’ll build a community when people create original content and art for your brand, and you can even set up online galleries to showcase entries across platforms. If you want to take it one step further, pick winners publicly on live video so you can build the most amount of buzz – that will certainly get people talking in your community. 

Go where the conversation is

Ask yourself: Where are the most lively crypto conversations happening right now in your niche? Maybe it’s a new forum gaining steam. Or perhaps certain crypto celebrities are hosting Twitter Spaces that are likely to have your target audience. You want to tap into these spaces where people are already engaged – and contribute value.

Don’t overly self-promote. Actually address questions and concerns from the community. Build relationships with influencers and moderators – and don’t forget to actually be helpful to earn trust and goodwill. This gives you a foundation to later share relevant project updates organically.

Use strategic cross promotion

Sometimes, it helps to piggyback on the success of others so you can ride their wave and attract some of their audience. To do this, you could research relevant crypto projects with engaged yet separate audiences from yours. Reach out proposing cross-promotion partnerships. These could involve shoutouts, shared content, co-marketing campaigns, and so on. 

The key is strategically choosing projects that feel aligned—their audience will likely be interested in you too. Negotiate promotions that make sense for both sides. Even microcryptos can gain traction with the right partners touting them—it’s just a matter of convincing the project that you are worth promoting. 

Go mainstream

Are you only marketing within the crypto space? It might be time to look a bit further outward. Pitch your project to mainstream journalists. Run targeted ads on social channels and websites unrelated to crypto. Explaining benefits to wider markets educates more potential adopters, and you obviously have a much wider net to pull in more people. 

Just remember, marketing to non-crypot also means you need to spend a lot of time highlighting real-world use cases. Can local businesses use your token? Do any sports teams, artists or nonprofits want sponsorships? Enabling utility across industries is what will take crypto mainstream – but it certainly takes a lot more effort than it does when speaking to those fluent in the language of blockchain.

Final word

Have crypto marketing fatigue? It’s time to test unconventional tactics—within reason of course. Crypto moves rapidly, so strong marketing must keep up with the pace—and that means being creative. Hopefully these unusual growth hacks spark ideas to give your brand that long-overdue momentum boost. 

Irina Weber
Irina Weber is a content strategist at SE Ranking. She loves helping brands create, publish, repurpose, and distribute content through marketing channels. She regularly contributes to media outlets like SEW, Adweek, SME, SMT, CMI, etc. Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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