6 Ways to Build Better Campaigns [Webinar Recap]

by | May 24, 2017 | Public Relations

On May 23, 2017, we teamed up with Bulldog Reporter and guest presenter, Stan Steinreich, for the webinar 6 Ways to Build Better Campaigns.

Stan Steinreich, President and CEO of Steinreich Communications and a former journalist with The New York Times and ABC News, has extensive experience — and a proven track record — when it comes to optimizing PR campaigns, for agencies, organizations, and non-profits alike.

With success stories varying from selling out a product within hours, exceeding fundraising targets for a charity, and exponentially growing university application numbers, Stan’s top PR campaign creation guidelines apply to a variety of industries.

Stan’s top recommendations for PR campaign success, or his “checklist”, include the following:

  1. Pinpoint the clear objective for every campaign you undertake.
  2. Do your homework to build the strategy and tactics for success.
  3. Be clear on your budget and resources. Don’t try to do more than the funding allows.
  4. Stay singularly focused on the objective and follow the tactical roadmap. Don’t be hijacked by diversions or tangents.
  5. Set clear goals for a realistic return on investment (ROI). There must always be a defined ROI.
  6. Merchandise the program’s success.

Each guideline easily spurs its own discussion points, questions, and best practices, and Stan does an amazing job of diving into detail on each, and, most importantly, providing practical advice and how-to tips for navigating through each in real-world situations.

One of our personal favorite tips on how to build better campaigns is the final one: merchandise the program’s success. As Stan states in the webinar, publicizing the results of your campaign among the relevant stakeholders today is a practice which will help you get funding/management buy-in tomorrow. By monitoring your campaign’s success, quickly communicating the value of your campaign becomes an easy task.

To hear more of Stan’s expert advice for PR campaign success, check out the on-demand version of 6 Ways to Build Better Campaigns.

Cara Valle
Cara is a dynamic and results-oriented marketing leader with over 10 years of experience delivering high-performing marketing campaigns. Passionate about the PR and communications space, she is dedicated to delivering value to agency and in-house comms professionals. Cara leverages her expertise in marketing automation and digital marketing to drive demand generation strategies that align with business objectives and deliver tangible results.